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Amish Filmed Moving House by Hand

A small borough of a few hundred residents in Pennsylvania called Spartansburg is home to an Amish community that was recently filmed moving a 24′ by 36′ house by hand. Spartansburg resident Perry Clabbatz was amazed to see roughly 80 people carrying the structure off its foundation to a new location, and quickly whipped out his smartphone began filming the …

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Man Cited for Trying to Trade Alligator for Beer

A Florida man was recently cited for attempting to trade a live alligator for a 12-pack of beer at a convenience store in Allapattah, a suburb of Miami. Fernando Aguilera strolled into the Santa Ana Market toting a live, four-foot-long alligator, hoping the clerk would trade the reptile for some beer. The clerk called the police, who in turn called …

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Messiah Baby Name Ruling Overturned

After telling Tennessee parents that they couldn’t legally call their infant son Messiah last month, Judge Lu Ann Ballew’s ruling was overturned on Wednesday. When parents of 8-month-old Messiah Deshawn Martin went to court in August to argue over what the child’s last name should be, they were in for a surprise when Ballew decided the baby’s first name should …

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Clown Terrorizes Town in Britain

A clown is terrorizing a town in Britain. Yes, you read that correctly. Called the “Northampton Clown,” someone is dressing up in a clown costume and is creeping out the residents of Northampton. Not to fear, though–another Northampton resident has decided to become the superhero “Boris the Clown Catcher” and catch the Northampton Clown. There is a Facebook page for …

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Jonathan Trappe Fails to Cross Atlantic

In what looked like a scene out of the Disney movie “Up” (minus the house), Jonathan Trappe was lifted as high as 21,000 feet in the air using hundreds of helium-filled balloons. Trappe’s plan was to use the balloons to cross the Atlantic Ocean, a journey of more than 2,500 miles. Unfortunately for the balloonist, his trip was cut short …

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