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Christopher Lee: Heavy Metal, Horror, Wizardry; The Occult?

When Christopher Lee died recently at the age of 93, the memorials and biographical news segments came pouring. We learned that Christopher Lee was in the British Special Forces We learned that Lee was not only in a James Bond film, he was related to Ian Fleming by marriage. While Lee was famous for his later life roles, such as …

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Evil Stick, The Demonic Dollar Store Toy

There’s nothing like a wonderful stroll to your daily dollar store and picking up some economy class toys for your loved ones. So who would have thought that among the libraries of cheap molds and Chloe knock off Barbies that evil was afoot? It was. In Dayton, Ohio, a mother out purchasing a toy wand called ‘EVIL STICK’ for her …

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Stonhenge Function May Have Been Discovered

The mysteries surrounding Stonehenge have baffled scientists for a very long time. Who built them? Why were they built? How did they even manage to get the stones to the spot? Aliens? Druid priests? All of these questions have been burning holes into peoples brains for centuries. Teams of archaeologists from the universities of Sheffield, Manchester, Southampton, Bournemouth and University …

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