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Objet Makes A Huge 3D Printed Wrench Just Because They Can

At Euromold, Objet revealed the Objet1000, it’s largest 3D printer yet. The printer has a build volume of 1,000mm, and is being touted as the next big thing for industries that create prototypes with 3D printers. In fact, you could create almost anything with it, but Objet is keeping it simple by making a giant wrench. So, why a wrench? …

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Company Uses 3D Printers To Make Incredibly Strong Fasteners

Objet is still at Eurmold 2012, and the company is showing off some of the most impressive 3D printed work to come out of its line of industrial printers. Today’s creations are sets of fasteners and connectors created by Rotite, a company that specializes in modular fixing technology. The company created prototypes on an Objet Connex500 that are already proving …

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Check Out Objet’s 3D Printed Designs From Euromold 2012

Objet is at Euromold 2012 this week, and has already made headlines with the announcement of its massive Objet1000 3D printer. Now the company is on the show floor showing off its latest innovations in 3D printing including a full-size golf club printed on the new Objet1000. First up is a radial engine that was created in a single print …

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Objet Announces Its Largest 3D Printer Yet

Objet, maker of fine 3D printers, is at Euromold 2012 this week to show off its latest innovations in 3D printing. The company started off big with the announcement of the Objet1000, it’s largest 3D printer yet. The Objet1000‘s name already indicates that it must be pretty big, but the 1000 in its name is the actual build volume of …

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