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Google Details Easy OAuth 2.0 Implementation In Google Play

Did you see that Google Play has reached 25 billion downloads? Google attributes this to Google Play now rolling out to the majority of Android 2.2 and above enabled devices. For those developers taking advantage of Google Play’s continued momentum, Google has just one bit of advice – use OAuth 2.0. By now, developers are aware of OAuth 2.0 and …

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OAuth 2.0 Playground Hits The Chrome Web Store

The OAuth 2.0 Playground is one of those tools that makes life easier for developers. Google made it so that they could play around with the OAuth 2.0 protocol and related APIs. There’s a new kid on the figurative block now and his name is Google Drive. Google announced that the Google Drive API is now available in the OAuth …

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Klout Upgrades Its API To Be Faster And Stronger

Klout is one of those services that’s important to those invested in the social media industry. It’s a service that rates your social media performance across a number of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc and gives you a rating. As Klout points out, it’s main focus is giving this information to businesses to offer rewards to customers who are …

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WordPress Announces REST API For App Creation

WordPress is one of the more popular, if not most popular, blogging tools out there. Like anything popular, people want to make applications with it which require an API. WordPress is making that bit easier for you with the announcement of a new API. WordPress announced today on their blog the release of their new WordPress REST API. It promises …

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Google: OAuth 2.0 Playground Gets New Features

Google launched the super handy OAuth 2.0 Playground last december which lets developers play around with the OAuth 2.0 protocol and APIs that use it. Never the one to let good enough stay good, Google has added new features that turn the good into great. The list of new features added to OAuth 2.0 playground is extensive and includes many …

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