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Cleveland Indians Defeat A’s, Sign Gomes

The Cleveland Indians defeated the Oakland A’s in Opening Day play on Monday by a 2-0 score. The win was enough to cause A’s fans to boo, and to send the American League saves leader to the dugout without a win. Athletics starting pitcher Sonny Gray battled through six innings against the Indians, before leaving with both tied at zero. …

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Grant Balfour’s “Rage” Clears Benches in ALDS

If the great community of Reddit has taught us one thing (and it has taught the world many-a-things), it’s that Australians are weird. They just are. And A’s Australian-born closer, Grant Balfour, is no exception to that rule. “He’s always yelling – whether it’s at himself or the hitter or the umpire; I never know,” fellow A’s reliever Sean Doolittle …

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