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Christine McVie Ready for Fleetwood Mac Reunion

Just when Fleetwood Mac fans thought that life couldn’t get any better, (four of the band members reunited earlier this year) Christine McVie (the fifth member) has announced her own desire to return. The pleasant surprise comes when many fans …

Cats Pretending To Be Dogs Are Kind Of Adorable
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The Internet loves cats. The Internet loves dogs. Would the Internet love a cat pretending to be a dog? Well, I certainly think they should. An ad from O2, a mobile carrier in the UK, has created a new ad …

Yahoo Signs Mobile Search Deal With O2 Germany

More than 15 million Germans should now have a little additional Yahoo in their lives.  Yahoo’s signed a mobile search deal with O2 Germany, and the American company’s search engine and a number of other services are getting promoted as a result.

Led Zeppelin, iPhone Influence Search Traffic

The return of Led Zeppelin is a great thing, and it’s generated a lot of search traffic.  In terms of the benefit to one company, though, an announcement related to the iPhone’s UK release did much more good.