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Fox, NYT Play With Wikipedia
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IP addresses associated with news organizations have been connected to edits made in Wikipedia that either smear rivals or remove negative information from their entries.

Marketing Jobs Now Outsourced to India & China

There’s a disturbing side-effect that’s coming from the increased use of internet marketing – it can be done cheaper in China and India.

While advertising continues to bring us greater efficiencies and cheaper costs, it’s also driving our need for faster turnaround and rapid deployment. When you can test 100 ads online within a week, you need a solution that can keep up with that pace, without breaking the bank.

Long-form Content from Advertisers Hits NYT

It is increasingly interesting to witness the mashup of trends as various businesses experiment with and figure out new media.

NYT Gets The Goods On Google

When SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin calls something “quite possibly the best mainstream media article about Google, or modern search technology, in the last 5 years,” it’s pretty much our duty to cover it.  When Rand Fishkin writes 800 words about said article, well . . . we know better than to condense and summarize.

Nisenholtz Guides NYT into Video

I’m sitting in the keynote at the Streaming Media East conference listening to Martin Nisenholtz, publisher of the New York Times.

Why Mobile Content is Slow to Grow
I just finished reading a NYT article on the frustration being felt by Hollywood because they can’t get advertising dollars to support their mobile content.

On-Demand Internet Radio Advertising

While Google’s out trying to conquer terrestrial advertising, a small start-up, TargetSpot, is building a platform that will allow businesses to easily and quickly create advertising to reach the 76 million listeners who prefer their radio of the online variety,according to the NYT.

Why Google’s Brand is Hurting its Offline Expansion Plans
When most people think of the Google brand, they get a warm fuzzy feeling. Indeed, Google is one of the top influential brands in the world, but not everyone feels butterflies in their tummy, when they think of Google.

In fact, when it comes to offline advertising channels, Google is finding that it’s brand is more of a hindrance, than help, when it comes to negotiating deals with radio, TV and newspaper markets. As the NYT highlights, many traditional ad channels are very cautious, if not fearful, that Google will enter their space and devalue the existing offering.

NYT Loves The Cocaine?
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And we have yet another example of the distance contextual advertising has to go. When a New York Times advertisement pops up above a guide to the Big Apple’s cocaine scene, there is clearly more work to be done – unless the NYT would actually endorse such a thing.

The ad is covered in a thick layer of irony, informing its target market that the Times is the "ultimate guide to global travel," advising on:

NYT Digg Spammers?

If we’re to believe the tripe fed to us by CNET recently, we’d have to add the New York Times to the list of “spammers” and “scammers” out to game Digg. Why?

Google Should Go Hungry when IE Serves Up MSN

By now, you have most likely either seen or heard about the NY Times article discussing Google’s recent complaint to the United States Justice Department (the same Justice Department Google recently sparred with in regards to handing over search data).

IE Team Responds to NYT Article

This morning on Memeorandum there are dozens of bloggers reacting to a New York Times article about IE 7.

NYT Discovers SEO

A story that ran in last Sunday’s New York Times shows that the world of mainstream journalism is finally waking up to the importance of SEO.

The Search Engines are Killing Creativity

An interesting NYT article on how Google (and others) are forcing newspapers to change their approach to writing news headlines.

Google, AOL Finalize Billion Dollar Deal

The investment agreement that kept Google’s place as AOL’s search and advertising partner has been hammered out to the satisfaction of both sides.

SF Chronicle Debuts New Tech Blog

A mix of business and technology journalists for the San Francisco Chronicle have launched a new blog called “The Tech Chronicles,” that will cover, you guessed it, the Bay Area techscape.

Comments for Dan Gillmor – Bloggers and Disclosure

Apparently you have to be “logged in” in order to share your views with Dan Gillmor. Sorry, while I accept that’s your policy, I don’t have time.

Wal-Mart, Edelman, Listen & Talk

The NYT takes a *very* interesting look at how Edelman is increasingly engaging bloggers on behalf of Wal-Mart:

Walmart uses bloggers, NYT says

Walmart is starting to use bloggers, this New York Times article says.

Web 2.0 Business Models
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Today’s Web startups are not entirely unlike their dot.com predecessors when it comes to the way they are thinking about making money.

Blogs Become Dinner Table In China

After a New York Times article outlined the blog-life of Mu Mu, a 25-year-old Chinese blogger, Communist party member, and now free-speech sex symbol, the slammed servers may deny you access to her blog more efficiently than the Chinese government. In short, she hasn’t really said anything the government can object to-she’s not an advocate, she’s a dancer, and a symbol of the new dinner table rebellion.

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