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Kaci Hickox Is Victorious, But At What Cost?

Kaci Hickox is a quarantine-free woman….For now. On Friday, a Maine judge sided with the nurse who defied orders to be isolated for a period of 21 days following a trip to Sierra Leone. There Hickox had treated a number of individuals suffering from Ebola alongside Doctors Without Borders participants. When Hickox arrived in the United States, she was determined …

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Nurse Admits to Murdering 11 in Sydney Nursing Home Fire

A 37-year-old Australian Man has admitted to setting a fire at a Quaker Hill nursing home that took the lives of 11 elderly patients and injured another 8. Roger Dean had been working as a nurse at the nursing home for just two months. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the incident occurred on the morning of November 18th, 2011. …

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