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Witness The Power Of An Underwater Nuclear Explosion

Nuclear weapons are one of the scariest things that mankind has ever invented. I’m just thankful that I was born at the tail end of the Cold War. Living in constant fear of a nuclear attack must have been pretty unnerving, but I still have respect for the technology and power that the nuclear weapon exemplifies. I think we’ve all …

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Listen To What An Atom Bomb Really Sounds Like

I’m pretty sure that we’ve all seen an atom bomb explosion by now. The mushroom cloud is engrained into the general consciousness as something that is to be feared. I’m sure we all know what an atom bomb sounds like as well, but it turns out that we don’t know anything. Thanks to some fantastic archived footage of a public …

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NUKEMAP Uses Google Maps API To Let You Blow Up The Outside World

People make a lot of novel uses of Google Maps technologies. Some people give you ways to share your love with the world. Some people promote nature conservation. You can even take a virtual spelunking tour. While all of those are impressive, none are quite as ambitious as NUKEMAP, an interactive Google Map that lets you select any city and …

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