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Live-blogging Future of News panel

(This is my attempt at live-blogging the ONA panel on the future of news at the CBC in Toronto with Leonard Brody of NowPublic, Rahaf Harfoush — who did research for Don Tapscott’s book Wikinomics — and Andrew Keen, author of Cult of the Amateur. Note: I did this on a BlackBerry, so please excuse the typos)

“The People’s Media” Gets $10 Million

Financial news can get a little tiresome, but it’s hard to become bored when $10 million is involved; that’s the amount that Associated Content just received in a round of funding.

NowPublic’s News Network Secures $10.6 Million

Backfence.com folded about a month ago, and many onlookers interpreted that as a death knell for hyperlocal news sites.  The “participatory news network” of NowPublic is doing just fine, however – the company has received $10.6 million in funding.