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“Only White People” As Church Greeters
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Many churches pride themselves in being an open door to people of all races, backgrounds, ages and color. However, a church in North Carolina has suddenly caused a lot of stir. Executive pastor Makeda Pennycooke, an African-American, sent out an …

Nike North Carolina T-Shirt Features Pic of South Carolina
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Nike’s new Carolina Panthers t-shirt design has the nation’s fourth-grade geography students scratching their heads. The shirt features the Panthers logo and the letters NC . . . So far, so good. The only problem is the fact that those …

N.C. Deck Collapse: Condo Accident Sends 20 To Hospital

The second-story deck of an oceanfront condo on Ocean Isle Beach collapsed on Tuesday night, injuring 20 people and sending one person on a flight to a hospital in Wilmington. Several of the injuries included broken bones, but authorities say …

North Carolina Gives Up Federal Jobless Aid North Carolina Gives Up Federal Jobless Aid
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In a move designed to repay their Federal debt faster, the state of North Carolina has cut benefits to 170,000 workers within the state. As a result, they have put themselves in a position of not being eligible to receive …

High School QB Drowns Just Weeks Before His Graduation
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The end of May is typically filled with smiling, happy high school seniors looking forward to their next step in life, and celebrate graduation. For Southwest Onslow High School, they are left in mourning as one of their own has …

North Carolina Church Demands Marriage Equality, Stops All Marriages in Protest, Takes Heat on Facebook North Carolina Church Demands Marriage Equality, Stops All Marriages in Protest, Takes Heat on Facebook
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One North Carolina church is taking a stand for marriage equality by refusing to marry anyone until the right is granted to all people. Green Street United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, NC, has asked that its pastors refrain from signing …

Ex-Boyfriend Living In Attic, Spying On Woman
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In perhaps one of the creepiest stories in the history of ever, a woman in North Carolina recently discovered her ex-boyfriend from 12 years ago hiding out in her attic, where he’d built himself a little nest complete with a …

‘The Hunger Games’ Town For Sale

A town in North Carolina called Henry River Mill Village, that was used as the District 12 set of the blockbuster film “The Hunger Games” is now

Kendall Marshall Recovering From Surgery

As reported earlier today, North Carolina’s Kendall Marshall fractured a bone in his wrist during a game against Creighton on Sunday and was unable to finish the game despite a good try. The injury came after a brutal foul in …

Kendall Marshall Fractures Right Wrist
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North Carolina advanced to the NCAA regional finals this weekend, but not without some battle wounds; point guard Kendall Marshall was injured during Sunday’s match against Creighton when he was fouled hard by Ethan Wragge in the second half, fracturing …

Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop Over Facebook
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In Albermarle, North Carolina, a fed-up father took his frustrations out on his daughter’s laptop after reading her Facebook page. On Wednesday, Tommy Jordan shot and killed his daughter Hannah’s laptop in a domestic tit-for-tat battle he and his 15-year-old …

Facebook Commits To Second Custom Data Center
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Early this year, Facebook announced that it would build its first custom data center in Oregon.  Then, in August, Facebook announced that it would more than double the size of the still-under-construction facility.  And now the company’s charged forward yet again, committing to build a $450 million data center in North Carolina.

The Rutherford Data Center should be built in Forest City, North Carolina, to be exact, at the site of a former Mako Marine building.  Facebook purchased 150 acres from Rutherford County for $3.1 million to make this happen.

North Carolina Offers Tax Amnesty For Online Retailers
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The North Carolina Department of Revenue said today it is working with online retailers who operate affiliate programs in the state to resolve issues of tax liability.

Kenneth-Lay-North-Carolina The state said it will waive all back sales taxes and penalties for online retailers that sign an agreement by August 31 to start collecting sales tax.

Amazon Sues North Carolina To Protect Customer Data

Amazon.com has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the North Carolina Department of Revenue, seeking to block the state’s demand for the "name and address of virtually every North Carolina resident who has purchased anything from Amazon since 2003, along with records of what each customer purchased and how much they paid."

Amazon Ends Relationship with North Carolina Affiliates
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North Carolina residents who are Amazon Affiliates recently received an email telling them the company would be ending its relationships with them due to the North Carolina state legislature getting ready to, as Amazon puts it, "enact an unconstitutional tax collection scheme."

What the North Carolina government is proposing would apply sales tax to purchases made through online affiliates based in NC. It has not yet passed.

Amazon Closes NC Affiliate Program, Before Vital Tax Legislation Vote

It appears as though Amazon’s email to affiliates regarding North Carolina’s pending taxes was not a bluff. I just received a follow-up email from the company saying it has decided to shut down its affiliate program in the state, as of today.

North Carolina Following New York’s Lead With Affiliate Taxes

It appears that North Carolina is about to follow New York’s lead and implement a tax collection scheme that will see Amazon.com shut down its Associates affiliate program in the state. Today, all Amazon Associates in NC received this gloomy email from the online retailer:

Carolina’s Google Tax Breaks Irk Locals

The North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law (NCICL) has called the $165 million in tax incentives for Google “unusual” and challenged the deal in court.

29,000 Sex Offenders Found On MySpace
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The social networking site culled some 29,000 profiles from its userbase after finding they had been created by registered sex offenders.

Google Takes On NC Telecoms

Once again, it appears that Google’s looking out for the little guy.  Only in this instance, the “little guy” is both the average consumer and local governments.  According to Google – and Intel, Alcatel-Lucent, and Tropos Networks – a bill in the North Carolina General Assembly has the potential to be a monopoly-maker.

Oversight Unseen In Google Carolina Deal

North Carolina’s Caldwell County ponied up $250 million in tax breaks to Google to entice it to build a data center there but didn’t study whether the deal made good financial sense.