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Researchers Invent Liquid Metal That Can Be Used In 3D Printers

Creating metal objects with 3D printers isn’t new, but researchers have devised a new type of material that could change how we create metal objects with 3D printers. NewScientist reports that researchers at North Carolina State University have created a new type of metal that remains a liquid at room temperatures, while still allowing them to build stuff with it: …

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WiFox, a “Traffic Cop for Data,” Said to Improve Wi-Fi Performance by up to 700%

Anyone who has connected to public Wi-Fi knows that it can be painfully slow at times. Depending on the amount of users on the Wi-Fi access point, users can experience varying levels of “data traffic jam.” Those with other options (4G) can always fall back on them if the going gets too slow, but for those that rely solely on …

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