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Kim Kardashian Has The Best Honeymoon

Kim Kardashian recently wed her fiancé, and baby’s daddy, Kanye West. Like everything that Kim does, her wedding in Florence, Italy was over-the-top, and cost more than $12 million. After their romantic nuptials, Kim and Kanye took off to Ireland …

The South Watches More Gay Porn Than You Liberals

After those long days of Mexican standoffs and train robberies, the South usually unwinds with either some chitlins or sweet tea – no one would have ever expected a good old heaping helping of steaming gay porn. As soon as …

North Carolina Following New York’s Lead With Affiliate Taxes

It appears that North Carolina is about to follow New York’s lead and implement a tax collection scheme that will see Amazon.com shut down its Associates affiliate program in the state. Today, all Amazon Associates in NC received this gloomy email from the online retailer: