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New Jersey Disapproves Of Dove’s “Armpit Of America” Ad Campaign

Unilever’s nod to New Jersey backfired as natives and residents of the state expressed their resentment over a prospective billboard ad campaign for the company’s new deodorant product. Dove’s Nutrition Moisture deodorant ad featured an image of a young Caucasian woman with her arm raised and a caption that advised New Jersey residents to be flattered that their hometown is …

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‘Born To Run’ Parody Spoofs New Jersey’s ‘Bridgegate’ Scandal

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is no stranger to being spoofed by the media. The latest  joke comes courtesy of Bruce Springsteen and Late Night host Jimmy Fallon who did an exceptionally funny remake of Springsteen’s “Born to Run”.  The song was intended to spoof the “Bridgegate” scandal regarding last September’s massive traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge caused …

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Chris Christie Doesn’t Regret Calling SEAL Idiot

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has not been without controversy. This time it is because he called a law student former NAVY SEAL an idiot. The incident happened during a town hall meeting where every time Christie tried to make a point, 34-year-old William Brown interrupted him. The debate turned into a shouting match and Mr. Brown was escorted …

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