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Anonymous Blames Kim Dotcom For The Closure Of NinjaVideo

Members of Anonymous have been huge supporters of Kim Dotcom since the feds took down Megaupload in early 2012. The collective even engaged one of its largest operations to date in defense of the site. Now the same group is calling Dotcom a “snitch.” What happened to bring about this sudden change? For those who have been following the legal …

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NinjaVideo Founder Sentenced to 14 Months

The Department of Justice is on a roll – First MegaUpload, now NinjaVideo’s founder. Of course, as you may be aware, NinjaVideo was actually taken down by the DoJ in 2010 for hosting “high-quality copies of copyright-protected movies and television programs.” The case took a turn for the worse today as a co-founder of NinjaVideo, Matthew David Howard Smith, was …

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