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Ning Launches Virtual Gift Feature

Ning, the social platform that allows users to create their own social networks introduced a virtual gifts feature today for its 1.6 million networks and 36 million registered users.

Ning Virtual Gifts offers a built-in revenue-generating feature for network creators, allowing them to create custom gifts and stores related to the topic of their network.

Ning Doing Well On The Social Networking Sidelines

With all of the talk regarding social media it seems that the inordinate amount of the attention goes to the big 2; Facebook and Twitter. While they do tend to generate significant drama and even some real news there is more to the social media space. In fact, there are those who see the social media universe fragmenting into very specific verticals so those of like mind can gather online without having to see that your friend just had a great breath of air.

Ning Gets In On the OpenSocial Initiative
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OpenSocialNing has followed in the footsteps of other social networking services like MySpace, Friendster, Bebo, and Hi5, and started to integrate with Google Code initiative OpenSocial, the platform that "defines a common API for social applications across multiple websites."

Ning Boggles The Mind With 100,000 Networks

The idea of 100,000 social networks is enough to give anyone pause; personally, I’m content to participate in three or four.  Yet this huge number has been reached, and what’s more, it’s been reached by a single entity: Ning.

Ning Gains Funds, Users

Earlier this week, Ning collected $44 million in funding – that’s easily the main story here.  But to add an important update to this event, Ning has also now reached the point where it has over 75,000 social networks.

Social Networks All About Me.com

Well, if you’re going to launch a service that lets you build your own social network, having the name me.com is a great start.

Ning – Rise Of The Social Niche-Work

Ning.com is a site that enables users to create their own social networks on any topic they want useing a log of social media tools like photo sharing, video sharing, blogs etc.

There are an amazing array of features avalable and all customizable through a nice ajaxy interface. Basically if you want to create your own version of myspace or facebook for your own college you can, think of it like yahoo groups 2.0. Check out the Battlestar Galactica group on Ning

Ning – The Social Networking Engine

For something that was created by legendary Netscape founder Marc Andreessen — the Blake Ross of his day, for you Firefox fans — the social-media “engine” called Ning has kind of been flying under the radar for awhile.

Ning Offers Easy Social Network Creation

CNET has details of Ning.com’s public launch at the Web 2.0 Summit this week.