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Wallenda Family, Generations of Daredevils

Heights, who needs them? Fortunately, for the daredevil superstar Wallenda family, they need heights, and aren’t frightened away from them. The recent feat of Nik Wallenda crossing over his sister, Lijana Wallenda, at the Charlotte Motor Speedway generated much attention and awe. Yet, how does an individual became renown for such activities as crossing the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the Grand …

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Nik Wallenda Completes Tightrope Walk With Sister At Charlotte Motor Speedway

It’s a good thing Nik Wallenda and his sister Lijana Wallenda don’t hold any childhood grudges. Otherwise, their dual tightrope walk at Charlotte Motor Speedway could have made for a difficult situation. The Wallendas of the famous Flying Wallendas family performed at the Bank of America 500 during the pre-race show on Saturday. On the way up #NeverGiveUp — …

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