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Mozilla Releases Firefox OS Simulator 1.0, Per-Window Private Browsing

Mozilla will be releasing its new mobile operating system, Firefox OS, into the wild early next year. The non-profit needs help from developers to make sure its launch goes smoothly, and so it released a simulator to help people get acquainted with the HTML5-powered OS. Now that it’s been a few weeks since its release, Mozilla is ready to take …

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Mozilla Details Firefox Release Channels

I’m sure many of you know about Firefox and you probably even used it at one point or another. You might even still be a huge fan of the browser, like me, and become invested in testing out new features seen in Beta, Aurora and Nightly. If none of those things made sense, you probably aren’t aware of the Firefox …

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Firefox Nightly Making Small Changes To Site-Identity

You know how Firefox adds that little favicon site-identifier in the address bar? Firefox is about to make some changes to that to make Web sites more secure for users. Jared Wein, a software engineer at Mozilla, announced on his personal blog some changes coming to site-identity. He points out how Firefox has always included the little lock favicon on …

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