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Bob Seger is ‘Still the Same’ and Back on Tour

Bob Seger is ‘Still the Same’ in some ways but very different in others. The singer doesn’t smoke as much as he once did, and he bikes an average of 10 miles per day. So why the sudden interest in his health? The 69-year-old just released a new album called Ride Out, and is launching a 25-city tour starting in …

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Dakota Fanning Says Movie Roles Should Empower Women

Dakota Fanning is standing up for strong, independent women. She recently spoke to The Daily Beast about her new movie Night Moves, and shared her views on women and women’s roles in Hollywood. The former child star takes her women’s studies degree very seriously, advocating “the portrayal of women in film and culture.” “It’s something I’ve studied and thought about …

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Dakota Fanning Talks New Movie Role

You may remember Dakota Fanning as the cute little girl who appeared beside many famous actors and actresses in many popular films. Well, that little girl is all grown up now and she has moved on to more mature roles. Not only does Dakota still act, she is also pursuing a degree in women’s studies at New York University and …

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Dakota Fanning and Sister Growing Apart

Dakota Fanning and her younger sister Elle Fanning are reportedly growing apart. They’ll be even further apart now that Dakota has decided to make New York her permanent home. Admittedly sick of the whole Hollywood scene, Dakota is happier away from the limelight–and away from her sister, too, it seems. Just under a year ago, both Dakota and her sister …

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Dakota Fanning transitions into a young lady

If you are an avid chick flick fan like myself, you probably remember Dakota Fanning as Ray, from her role in Uptown Girls in 2003, or her role in War of the Worlds in 2005. This probably depends on whatever your movie genre preference. (image) Fanning, as Ray. (2003, Uptown Girls) Photo from International Movie Database. Look familiar? Now 19-year-old …

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