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Social Networking Is Now More Popular Than Email

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that social networking is popular. According to Nielsen Online, it’s become a whole lot more popular. From December 2007 to December 2008, social networks or blogs account for nearly 10% of all Internet time, and the “Member Communities” category of sites surpassed the email category in Internet popularity, measured by time on site.

Digital Coupons Rising in Popularity
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Digital coupons have experienced tremendous growth in popularity over the last year or so. According to research from Nielsen, not only are more people going to the sites, but the average amount of time spent there has increased as well.

Career Development Sites See Surge in Seniors
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While visits to online career development websites continue to grow, fuelled by fears of job security and increased layoffs, there’s one particular age group that has grown faster than others.

Visits to career development websites grew 20% YoY, according to Nielsen, rising 41.5 million visitors in January 2008 to just under 50 million in January this year.

More Americans Watching Online And Mobile Video
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Watching video on television, online and mobile devices continues to increase and has reached new levels, according to Nielsen.

In its fourth quarter "A2/M2 Three Screen Report," Nielsen found that the average American watches 151 hours of TV per month, an all-time high. Americans who watch video over the Internet consume  another 3 hours of online video per month and those who use mobile video watch nearly 4 hours per month on mobile phones and other devices.

TV Ad Estimates from Google

It appears that television advertising is following a different trend than many have expected. Advertising Age is citing data from a recent study (due out soon) from Nielsen indicating that its doing better than ever. Some may find this a bit surprising with the increasing popularity of DVRs and online video.

Mobile Internet Set For Major Growth
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Consumers plan to significantly increase their use of mobile data services over the next two years, according to a major survey of European and U.S. mobile users conducted by Nielsen.

The Tellabs-commissioned survey, conducted during the economic downturn, found the majority (71%) of consumers anticipate daily use of services such as the mobile Internet.

Super Bowl Gives Hulu Big Brand Awareness Boost

Hulu is making quite the name for itself. Super Bowl ads will do that. According to Brandon Eshman with Nielsen online, from November 1 to February 1, 2009, Hulu averaged about 300 mentions per day in the online community. 

Nielsen Looks at Traffic to Medical Sites
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People often turn to the Internet for information about illnesses and treatments. Many put off going to the doctor as long as possible just because they don’t find it enjoyable. Many others simply can’t afford to go to the doctor because of a lack of health insurance or plans that still end up costing them too much in co-pays anyway.

Nielsen on the Increase of Online News Readership
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Just after examining one print publisher’s idea that staying away from the web would be in the best interest for his business, I came across a post on the Nielsen Online Blog indicating that going online is the key to print media’s survival.

Looking at Online Video Trends

As you are no doubt aware, online video has experienced a tremendous year in 2008 in terms of growth and usage. I have personally documented a fair amount of the happenings in the industry over the year myself.

Nielsen Looks at Online Retail Category Performance
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Nielsen is sharing some interesting data today regarding online retail web traffic during the holiday season. This data shows that both Black Friday and Cyber Monday traffic were up by 10% each when compared to last year.

eBay Traffic Stats In Near Freefall
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Remember the dive-bombing plane sound we’d make as little kids?  "Neeeerrrrowwww."  That same noise is perhaps the most succinct way of describing what’s happening to traffic-related eBay statistics.

Nielsen: People Watching More TV Than Ever
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Americans are gluing themselves to the screen more and more. That includes TV, Internet, and Mobile. According to research from Nielsen, as of the third quarter 2008, the average person in the U.S. watched approximately 142 hours of TV in one month.  In addition, people who used the Internet were online 27 hours a month, and people who used a mobile phone spent 3 hours a month watching mobile video.

Americans Internet Usage Increases
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The U.S. usage of TV, Internet and mobile continues to increase, in the third quarter the average person who used the Internet was online 27 hours a month, mobile users spent three hours a month watching mobile video and TV viewers watch approximately 142 hours of TV in one month, according to Nielsen’s "A2/M2 Three Screen Report."

Americans Internet Usage Increases

Heaviest Internet Users Also Heavy TV Viewers
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Nearly 31 percent of in-home Internet activity takes place while the user is watching television, which indicates there is a large amount of simultaneous Internet and television usage, according to a new report from Nielsen’s TV/Internet Convergence Panel.

Heaviest Internet Users Also Heavy TV Viewers

Nielsen: Yahoo Video Jumps To Near-Lead
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It’s not April Fools’ Day, and some sort of mathematical miscalculation doesn’t seem to have occurred.  Instead, surprising as the situation may be, Yahoo’s video property appears to have become more popular than the ones owned by Fox, Microsoft, and Nickelodeon.

Nielsen Puts Google Down In September Search Rankings
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According to Nielsen Online, nothing earth-shattering happened in terms of search rankings between August and September; Google didn’t finally corner three-fourths of the market, and no major competitors switched positions.  There were some significant losses and gains, though, and they affected the top search companies.

American Mobile Users Text More Than Talk

Americans now send and receive more SMS text messages than they do mobile telephone calls, according to the latest research from Nielsen Mobile.

In the second quarter of 2008, the average mobile subscriber sent or received 357 text messages per month, compared to placing or receiving 204 phone calls.

Nielsen: Video-Sharing Industry Doing Well

The Dow’s had a bad few months; it lost around 885 points between April and June.  Another market’s doing fine, though, as Nielsen’s statistics indicate that YouTube and several competing video-sharing sites experienced impressive amounts of growth in the same period.

Americans Spending More Time Online
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Nielsen has released its first comparable U.S. figures showing video and TV usage on all three screens (Television, Internet, Mobile).

In May the average American watched 127 hours of TV and went online for 26 hours, up 9 percent over 2007. Internet and mobile phone users viewed an average of 2 hours of online video during the month.

TV Web Sites Attracting Online Viewers
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Even with the growing popularity of watching television content online, the majority (94%) of adults still prefer to watch television on traditional TV sets, according to research from Nielsen for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM).