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Politics As Usual On YouTube

YouTube is often thought of as a powerful political tool, and, well, it probably is.  But new statistics indicate that YouTube users gravitate towards mainstream candidates, and that “negative” videos are among the most popular political clips out there.

Nielsen To Measure Mobile Users

he Nielsen Company said they would begin measuring mobile phone users through their Nielsen Wireless service. The service will measure the amount of people who use mobile Internet and mobile video.

Nielsen To Measure Mobile Users
“Nielsen To Measure Mobile Users”
Nielsen To Measure Mobile Users
Australia’s Online Population

Australia’s online population may be the smallest in the Asia-Pacific region, but in terms of Internet penetration, Australia has a solid presence.

In their new Australia Online report, eMarketer estimates that 66 percent of Australians will use the Internet in 2007, which is on par with more populated countries in the region such as Japan (69 %) and South Korea (72%).

eMarketer believes Australian Internet penetration will reach 72 percent in 2011.

UK Women Rule Online

UK women between the ages of 18-34 are now the most dominant group online according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

Pet Food Recall Creates “Husky” Traffic
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Back in March, online traffic to pet-related sites saw a significant increase due to the pet food recall. Nielsen//NetRatings has released data that shows visits to pet related sites grew a 115 percent in March over the previous month.

IAB’s Challenge Results in Meeting
The IAB challenged comScore and Nielsen//NetRatings last month to make their Internet measurements more reflective of the total population and make their methodologies more transparent.

Newspaper Web Sites Attract Growing Audience

Newspaper Web sites are doing well and their audience is growing at close to twice the rate of the overall online audience, according to new data from the Newspaper Association of America.

Nielsen Unveils Video Measurement Tool

Nielsen//NetRatings has introduced VideoCensus, a syndicated online video measurement service that combines panel and census research along with data on audience size, demographics, engagement as well as competitive activity.

“Sticky” RuneScape Stands At #1

How familiar are you with RuneScape?  According to Hitwise, it’s number one among the plethora of virtual worlds for children and teens, and about ten days ago, Nielsen//NetRatings called RuneScape one of Britain’s “stickiest” sites.

BuzzMetrics To Be Absorbed By NetRatings
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Nielsen will go ahead and complete the acquisition of blog and word-of-mouth measurement firm BuzzMetrics, of which Nielsen already owned 58 percent, and blend it with NetRatings to make a new firm.

comScore, Nielsen/NetRatings Respond to IAB’s Letter
Last week, the Interactive Advertising Bureau CEO Randal Rothenberg challenged comScore and Nielsen//NetRatings to increase their transparency and submit to an independent audit of their outmoded panel-based Internet measurements.

ComScore, Nielsen Respond To IAB Letter

Both companies have agreed to independent audits of the ways they measure website traffic, as the two firms faced criticism over their use of panel-based methodolgies.

Engagement More Important Than Page Views

Time spent on a Web site is becoming as important as page views and some would argue time spent is a more accurate measurement of user engagement.

Writing For Online Readers Goes Against The Book

It pains me to suggest this, but we must ignore (one of) the teachings of Strunk and White.  We must turn our backs on a number of other writing guides.  And we must break our own habit of writing out numbers as words.

Instead, we should represent numbers with numerals – a recent eye-tracking study suggests that they’re much more likely to capture online readers’ interest.

Nielsen Unveils Rich Media Service Metrics

Nielsen//NetRatings has launched a measurement service for digital audio video content. SiteCensus Streaming aims to capture accurate data of online audio and video.

Over One Third of U.S. Adults Own a Game Console

Nielsen//NetRatings says that more than one third of US adults online, 36.5 percent own a game console, and another 15.9 percent own a portable game console. Game consoles have become popular with all ages and are considered to be a major part of America’s home entertainment systems.

When it comes to who owns consoles, 71 percent are married and 66 percent have at least one child in the household. Because of video game ratings from the Entertainment Software Rating Board, home video games can be entertainment for the whole family.

Nielsen’s 10 High-Profit Redesign Priorities

Jakob Nielsen is an authority on usability; "the elegance and clarity with which the interaction with a computer program or a web site is designed" (Wikipedia). His tips are always worth reading and often worth implementing into your own website(s) whenever applicable.

Google Increases Search Share in January

It’s no secret that Google is the top dog in the realm of search. Perched atop the mountain, the company has yet to be knocked off of its perch, or even face any serious threat to its dominance in the industry. According to January’s figure, don’t look for that trend to change anytime soon.

Less Than
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Call it premature, a key indicator, or room for some great developer to still bust this space wide open, but Google is by far the undisputed champ of online collaborative productivity tools since October ’06 — five months ago.

According to Nielsen//NetRatings’ MegaPanel, Google Docs and Spreadsheet users, all 445,762 of them, represent 92 percent of online collaborative productivity tool users.

XML-RPC for Blog Comments

Fairly regularly in the blogosphere you hear people complaining about how few people reading their blog go the next step and leave a comment.

I recall that last year, Darren Rowse posted his "10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog", linking to a Jakob Nielsen study that found that

Blogs Increase Online Newspapers Traffic

Blogs have given the nations top 10 newspaper sites a much-needed increase in traffic. Over the past year Web traffic to the blog pages of the top 10 online newspapers grew 210 percent. Over all the unique audience growth has increased by 9 percent in the past year. Unique visitors to blog pages accounted for 13 percent of Web traffic in December 2006. That’s up 9 percentage points from 4 percent in December 2005.

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