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Facebook Beats MySpace In UK

An impressive piece of news came out of the UK today: Facebook has overtaken MySpace in terms of unique visitors.  But strangely, Facebook was overtaken by a network called PerfSpot in terms of growth.

Nielsen Launches Social Network

The Nielsen Company today began the public beta testing of Hey! Nielsen, an online social network site focused on allowing pop culture fans to express and share their views.

MySpace And Facebook Visitors Drive Time Spent
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U.S. Internet users between the ages of 12-17 who visit both MySpace and Facebook spend more time at each site than those who visit just one or the other according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

Yahoo Leads Google, Microsoft In Time Per Person
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Google does well in just about every comparison, and the newest data from Nielsen//NetRatings doesn’t contradict that trend.  Microsoft and Yahoo also performed admirably, however, and in some ways, beat the boys from Mountain View.

Obama Leading All Candidates Online
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Illinois Senator Barack Obama is attracting more visitors to his campaign Web site than any of the other presidential candidates according to the Nielsen Company.

If It Looks Like An Ad, They’re Not Looking At It

Usability expert Jakob Nielsen dropped a few bombshells in his latest Alert Box usability report. Banner blindness isn’t exactly a new topic – everybody knows by now it exists – but the results of this study suggest that ad network placements aren’t worth a warm pitcher of spit.

AOL’s Social Networks Not Looking So Good

If it’s a well-known social network, and it’s not owned by AOL, it’s probably in okay shape.  That’s what I’m starting to conclude, anyway, after viewing the latest numbers from Nielsen//NetRatings; among the top ten sites, everything other than AOL Hometown and AOL People Connection is going up.

Nielsen//NetRatings, Mediamark Partner

Nielsen//NetRatings and Mediamark Research have launched a single source database of consumer’s off-line and online media usage.

Is Link Authority Dead (Dying)?
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After extensive gaming, Google’s algorithm (it is assumed) shifted from using the quantity of links as an indicator of source authority, to measuring the quality (reputation) of the linker in order to determine relevancy. Gamers are still there though, this time with bigger budgets, and things may be about to change again – most likely to a much more complicated game.

81 Million Tune In To Broadband Video

Around 81 million people, or 63 percent of the 129 million people with broadband Internet access in the U.S. watch broadband video at home or at work, according to new research from Nielsen for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM).

Marketers Can Pay For Blog Buzz

The Nielsen Company has found that high blog interest, or buzz around new product launches is closely related to paid media spending.

Gord Interviews Jakob Nielsen

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Jakob Nielsen for a series I’m doing for Search Engine Land about what the search results page will look like in 2010.  Jakob is called a "controversial guru of Web design" in Wikipedia (Jakob gets his own shots in at Wikipedia in this interview) because of his strongly held views on the use of graphics and flash in web design.

Is the Page View a Dying Metric?
I’ve read two recent-ish posts on this topic. One was via the IAB from The Washington Post about AOL’s apparent jump to the top of the website pile because page views were no longer the dominant metric being used to track results.

Nielsen Scraps Web Page View Rankings

Back in February, USA Today penned this article on the page view as a dying stat…

Blogging is About the 80-20 Rule

To demonstrate world-class expertise, says Jakob Nielsen, avoid quickly written, shallow blog postings.

Instead, says the web usability guru, invest your time in thorough, value-added content that attracts paying customers.

After the Page View…

Of course I agree with the great insights by Future Now guys Robert Gorelli and Bryan Eisenberg on many questions of user engagement (though by necessity in my practice I use dumbed-down versions of what they do)…

McCain Buys Up Online Ads
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We’ve said it time and time again: in the 2008 presidential campaign, the Web will play a major role.  But as new numbers come out concerning Web ad buying, we’re getting a clearer idea of how the candidates have responded to the online world.

Nielsen Saying No To Page View Metrics

Nielsen//NetRatings plans to bid adieu to page views, a long-time site metric that has been made obsolete by online video and Ajax page technology.

Jakob Nielsen Hates Blog Posts, Comments

Little quick-hit blog posts (should we call them blosts?) and comments left on other blogs don’t do enough to attract truly desirable customers to sites.

MySpace Feels Pressure From Facebook, Bebo

MySpace has long been the UK’s leading social network (in terms of traffic), but the site seems to be losing its touch.  Conversely, two competitors – Bebo and Facebook – are starting to show strong gains of their own.

Nielsen Expands Mobile Measurement
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The Nielsen Company has announced that it is purchasing San Francisco-based Telephia, Inc., a provider of consumer research to the telecom and mobile media markets.

Nielsen//NetRatings (Still) Sets Google At #1

Friday is the end of the workweek.  The day should move along quickly, smoothly, and without any surprises.  In that spirit, then, we bring you the results of the latest Nielsen//NetRatings search share rankings: in May of 2007, Google was still on top.

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