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YouTube, Disney, Top Video Sites For Kids
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Initially, it’s nice to think that kids and teens watching more online video at home than adults is because, with work and responsibilities and all that, adults just don’t have that kind of time. But considering adults watch most of their online video at work, that half-hour less they spend at home watching belies that conventional wisdom.

Yahoo Leads Google, Microsoft In Time Per Person
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Google does well in just about every comparison, and the newest data from Nielsen//NetRatings doesn’t contradict that trend.  Microsoft and Yahoo also performed admirably, however, and in some ways, beat the boys from Mountain View.

AOL’s Social Networks Not Looking So Good

If it’s a well-known social network, and it’s not owned by AOL, it’s probably in okay shape.  That’s what I’m starting to conclude, anyway, after viewing the latest numbers from Nielsen//NetRatings; among the top ten sites, everything other than AOL Hometown and AOL People Connection is going up.

Will AOL Charge More Now?

Nielsen/Netratings has just started ranking Web brands.  It does this by measuring “engagement” by total minutes spent with the brand and unique audience.  Brands that had a large unique audience spending a long time engaged had the highest score.  AOL came in first, followed by Yahoo!, then MSN/Windows Live, with Google coming in fifth.

“Sticky” RuneScape Stands At #1

How familiar are you with RuneScape?  According to Hitwise, it’s number one among the plethora of virtual worlds for children and teens, and about ten days ago, Nielsen//NetRatings called RuneScape one of Britain’s “stickiest” sites.

comScore, Nielsen/NetRatings Respond to IAB’s Letter
Last week, the Interactive Advertising Bureau CEO Randal Rothenberg challenged comScore and Nielsen//NetRatings to increase their transparency and submit to an independent audit of their outmoded panel-based Internet measurements.

ComScore, Nielsen Respond To IAB Letter

Both companies have agreed to independent audits of the ways they measure website traffic, as the two firms faced criticism over their use of panel-based methodolgies.

eShopping Index Shows Growth All Around

Tis the season for metrics. The companies that keep tabs on the Internet have released a flurry of statistics over the past couple of weeks, all of them with the same conclusion: e-commerce is growing still. Nielsen//NetRatings’ Holiday eShopping index put on a few pounds, expanding by 20 percent year-over-year.