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Quit Smoking – But Don’t Use E-Cigarettes

Experts claim that smoking is an addiction similar to a heroine addiction because nicotine is just as difficult to quit. The premise behind quitting cigarettes, aside from the health benefits from quitting now, is that the biggest percentage of smoking is habit. The phone rings, a smoker picks up a cig, a cup of coffee stimulates the habit to smoke, …

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Quit Smoking With Cigarettes That Might Explode?

It’s hard to be a smoker in 2013. Law after law and policy after policy has severely limited the range of locations where those pressed for a nicotine fix can puff away in peace. Cigarette prices are higher than ever, and the product is routinely maligned and protested. After decades of traditional smoking cigarettes coming under attack, there has been …

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E-Cigarettes Have High Rate of Usage in Teen Market

The results of an e-cigarette study at UC San Francisco were recently released. In the study, conducted by postdoctoral fellow Sungkyu Lee, researchers focused on the data obtained in a national Web-based survey of 75,643 adolescents in Korea. The survey data comes from the Korea Youth Risk Behavior research completed in 2011 by the Korea Centers for Disease Control. In …

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