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Vanessa Paradis Dating Benjamin Biolay

French model, actress, and singer Vanessa Paradis has been well-known in France for some time now. She first hit it big with her single, “Joe le taxi,” which was released when Paradis was just 14. In 1998, Paradis had the fortune of meeting the rising American actor and future icon, Johnny Depp. The two would marry that same year and …

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UPDATE: Twitter Responds On Sarkozy Parody Account, Banned Political Accounts

Yesterday I wrote about Twitter banning a parody account of French President Nicolas Sarkozy as well as three other accounts that were known to have been politically opposed to Sarkozy. On the day Sarkozy announced he will seek re-election, these four accounts were suspended by Twitter. As of this morning, the parody account for Sarkozy, @_nicolassarkozy, appears to be active …

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Twitter Fails At Satire, Bans Nicolas Sarkozy Parody Account

Twitter’s giving itself all kinds of new powers in 2012. Aside from revising their privacy policy wherein they enabled themselves to censor tweets on a country-by-country basis, they’ve now assumed the power to arbitrate the definition of satire. First up: Twitter apparently doesn’t like the way satire sounds in French so they’ve suspended a parody account of France’s president, Nicolas …

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Google Announces Intent To Expand In France

A country in which Google’s search engine enjoys a market share of around 90 percent is soon going to see even more of the company.  Google’s announced that it will build a research center and help create some sort of cultural institute in France.

Given that Google has encountered resistance to its book-scanning program in France, we should note that the country’s authorities support these plans.  In fact, Eric Schmidt actually met with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who approved.

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