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“Twitter Wit” Proves Phrase Isn’t An Oxymoron
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One of the tweets reprinted in the new book Twitter Wit reads, "Just explained Twitter to my friend Bill.  I don’t think I did it right, as he’s excited to sign up."  The thing is, though, that this tweet and many of the others contained in Twitter Wit help validate the site.

Women 2.0

Women 2.0 (a division of Entrepreneur27) and Stanford BASES are hosting their next event focused on individuals who went against tradition and took big risks, resulting in careers that they really enjoy. In many cases, these entrepreneurs actually “created” or joined real business based on their passions, allowing them to earn a living doing something they love.

Douglas’ Termination Memo

For those who like nothing better than a little behind-the-scenes corporate intrigue in the blogosphere, the guys over at 10 Zen Monkeys have some more deets on the sudden departure of Nick Douglas from Valleywag – where he was replaced by another guy whose initials are N.D., and whose name rhymes with Nick Denton (for an earlier installment of the Nick Douglas saga, scroll down a few posts).

Valleywag’s New Look and New Focus

Nick Denton’s not too pleased with the path Nick Douglas was taking Valleywag, so he’s kicked him out, changed the look of the site and announced a new focus on more hard-hitting news.

10 Zen Monkeys Post About Nick Douglas

10 Zen Monkeys is out with a post chroniciling the latest in the Nick Douglas / Valleywag “change in employment” situation and they do a pretty good job giving us the story so far.

Nick Douglas Gone From Valleywag

Et tu, Nick Denton? It appears that young Nick Douglas, the brash young gossip-monger behind Valleywag, has left the building.