The Consensus About the Future of Marketing

The Consensus About the Future of Marketing

By James Cherkoff December 18, 2007

Is it just me, or is there now a consensus in the world of marketing about the future?

PR battleground “social networks”

With social networks like Facebook and MySpace in the news a great deal, I find it interesting to get a sense of the depth of behind-the-scenes business planning going on and the role of PR in that planning.

According to BrandRepublic:

Social Network Advertising

In my last post about social network advertising, I spoke about reasons why social network advertising is a rapidly growing trend in online marketing tactics. Today, in this follow-up to part 1, I will be delving into the nuts and bolts of making the most of your social network advertising.

CafeMom Mops Up $5 Million In Funding

As tradition would have it, Facebook’s for college students and LinkedIn’s for professionals.  But what about mothers?  Yes, mothers can of course be both college students and professionals, but in any case, there’s CafeMom, and for CafeMom, there’s $5 million – the social networking site just had a successful round of funding.

Get Rich With A Niche

Targeted content has grown in importance to advertisers, with content-specific “synthetic channels” offering better returns through the more effective placement of their advertisements.

The Next MySpace Could Be A Cluster Bomb

The rise of the social network has caused the rise of other, perhaps predictable, things: copycat networks; and investor curiosity. Blame MySpace and Facebook. Blame (or congratulate) Hi5, known, apparently, everywhere but the US, for extracting $20 million out of venture capitalists.

Building a Niche Community

Most PPC Marketers would probably send traffic direct to the Affiliate Marketing/CPA (cost per acquistion/action) offers landing page. But here’s an idea, build a niche community, like the folks at newly launched Boomj.com are doing.

How Likable is Your Niche?

In some dirty industries there are parallel markets/messages/ideas that have similar business models, but are loved and marketed as though they are pure and do nothing but improve the world.

Say Hello To A Niche Network Era

Earlier, we reported on Boomj, a niche social network aimed at a subset of younger Baby Boomers. Niche social networks are popping up more often and growing at a nice pace.

Niche & Trend Tool List

There has been some useful posts of late that discuss the pracitical methods to get started at developing a new site or blog specifically for affiliate marketing. In particular Aaron Wall discusses practical tips for starting a new site and Dosh Dosh looks at choosing the right blog niche.

Social Networking: Examining User Behavior
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Results from a recent iProspect study outline the specific behaviors of users visiting the most popular social networking sites. Among other items, the study finds that marketers should spend more time and resources investing in sites that operate within a relevant niche to their product than they have in the past.

Optimizing for a Small Niche
SEO Question: My site is focused on a small niche and I can’t find any related keywords to write content about. How do I optimize my content? What should I do? 

Answer: Track what you are ranking for and look for meaningful patterns and descriptive related keywords in that data.

Separate Blogs to Appeal to Niche Audiences

Need more traffic for very specific niche keywords. One way to appeal to a very niche audience is to set up a separate blog apart from your main company site or blog. 

Niche SEO Conferences

Recently, in addition to the expansion of Elite Retreat, a couple more smaller niche SEO conferences have been announced. These conferences offer a great value because they allow you to be close to the facilitator. They are like buying under-priced consulting in the form of a conference.

Guide to Creating A Niche Website

Have You Heard of Duncan Carver?

Duncan Carver is one of those niche marketers who just disappears off on holiday for almost a year… because he can!

He is also famous for having created probably the best free link manager script

So Duncan is now back and proving that once you understand how to research a niche, and create a product to sell to that niche, the world really is your oyster.

The Secret Linkbait Weapon You Never Knew About…

Making multi-part posts or articles is a fancy little trick for linkbaiting I bet you

Market Timing in New Verticals
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I recently made another post about the importance of brand building and niche markets, and Solomon Rothman commented that one way to go niche is to go stylized / have a unique delivery approach, which is totally valid.