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Niagara Falls Frozen, Brave Tourists Abound

Niagara Falls’ frozen wonderland is attracting tourists from all over the nation and even around the world. People are flocking to see the spectacle of Niagara Falls’ frozen upper layers, which still allow water to flow underneath. In fact, traffic through the Niagara Falls visitor’s center is up 67%, according to John Percy, president & CEO of Niagara Tourism & …

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Niagara Falls “Frozen”, Attracts Brave Tourists

Niagara Falls’ frozen appearance is a rare and surreal sight to behold. Brave tourists are flocking to both sides of Niagara Falls’ frozen cascades to see the icy wonderland created by deep layers of ice. However, Niagara Falls’ frozen appearance is somewhat deceiving. There is still plenty of water churning underneath Niagara Falls’ frozen top layers. Reportedly, the mist that …

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Niagara Falls Frozen Draws Flocks of Tourists and Adventurers

Niagara Falls is a tourist destination any time of the year, but with record-breaking low temperatures and plenty of snow this year, Niagara Falls is an even bigger draw than normal because it is frozen and breathtakingly beatiful. For those who can brave the -13-degree temperatures in the region, they are treated to a winter wonderland that is only dreamed …

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Frozen Niagara Falls – Well, Not Really

With the recent frigid and record-breaking cold temps, a big part of America is frozen solid, but not Niagara Falls. Although it is partially frozen, the story circulating about the falls being frozen over is a myth. A recent webcam can testify to that. From that deep freeze that came from the north, commonly known as the polar vortex, or …

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Niagara Falls Frozen But Not Frozen Solid

Niagara Falls is an amazing sight anytime of year but if you are able to see it on the rare occasion that it freezes, you are in for a real treat. Temperatures in the Niagara Falls area dropped as low as -2 degrees and much of the water that flows over the falls is frozen. Pictures of the falls have …

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Niagara Falls Plunge: Jumper in Stable Condition

Niagara falls plunge on Tuesday has left a man in stable condition. The individual, whose name has not been released to the media, fell more than 180 feet in an apparent suicide attempt. According to Niagara Parks Police, the man climbed over the railing and jumped from Horseshoe Falls into the Niagara River. He’s one of three people who have …

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