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Frozen Niagara Falls – Well, Not Really

With the recent frigid and record-breaking cold temps, a big part of America is frozen solid, but not Niagara Falls. Although it is partially frozen, the story circulating about the falls being frozen over is a myth. A recent webcam …

Niagara Falls Frozen But Not Frozen Solid
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Niagara Falls is an amazing sight anytime of year but if you are able to see it on the rare occasion that it freezes, you are in for a real treat. Temperatures in the Niagara Falls area dropped as low …

Niagara Falls Plunge: Jumper in Stable Condition
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Niagara falls plunge on Tuesday has left a man in stable condition. The individual, whose name has not been released to the media, fell more than 180 feet in an apparent suicide attempt. According to Niagara Parks Police, the man …