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NFL Lockout Fun: Players Selling Cars on eBay

While Derek Anderson has never been confused with a great NFL quarterback, he does make a few million being a mediocre one. However, has the impending changes in the soon-to-be ratified (?!?!) collective bargaining agreement have Anderson thinking of plans after football? Is he trying to ensure his style of life remains the same, just in case he gets shown …

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NFL Players Take To Twitter Over CBA

The NFL owners and the players are at odds at the moment. Working on a collective bargaining agreement that suddenly became a battle of turned tables in relation to the court of public opinion can do these things. When the owners voted to ratify the agreement, which, without the approval of the NFL players, takes away from the terms “collectively …

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New York Jets Tackle Puts NFL Lockout Life on YouTube

Regardless of which side you’re supporting in this, the NFL Lockout age, there’s sure to be some curiosity over what both sides are doing now that there’s no NFL training camp, or, well, NFL anything until both sides agree. Apparently, Jets defensive tackle Sione Pouha has heard your calling for anything related to the NFL, and so, Pouha made something …

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