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Newsvine Brings the Social to MSNBC

Big news in the social-media space: MSNBC has acquired Newsvine, a pioneering news community that has been somewhat eclipsed by Digg and other sites in terms of public profile over the past year or two, but has continued to grow and prosper outside of the spotlight.

Newsvine Plucked By MSNBC

News community site Newsvine just made an undisclosed amount of cash for its owners as MSNBC agreed to purchase it.

Getting to the front of Newsvine’s Technology Page

Newsvine puts me on top of their technology page within hours of my article release on the newsvine algorithm.

Eefoof Shares Ad Revenue With Uploaders
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While YouTube currently owns the online video sharing world, a new website called Eefoof wants to entice those video uploaders to share in the ad revenue those uploads earn.

Seeing Syndication’s Big Picture

The mainstreaming of syndicated content online continues to move slowly onward, but it should pick up the pace and impact other media outlets.

Shopping Meets Social Bookmarking

The WOMMA blog points to Stylehive, a new social bookmarking community that aims to do for shopping and products what digg and Newsvine have done for news.

Money Following News Online

Google News had the news-aggregation space to itself for quite a while, but after MSN deployed its Newsbot and Topix.net launched, other efforts followed, and some have gathered a little venture capital for themselves.

Gather Aims to Build a Blog Content Marketplace

Gather has been getting fair amount of media attention over the last several weeks.

Newsvine Launches

I have been invited to try the public beta of Newsvine, a news aggregation/citizen journalism hybrid.