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Yon Continues Iraq Reporting, Free To NNA

Michael Yon will continue to turn to his online audience to support his reporting from Iraq, which he will make available at no cost to the National Newspaper Association.

You Didn’t Read This In The Newspaper
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Newspaper publishers have retreated to a local focus that gives them the best chance of retaining subscribers and favorable advertising rates. It’s meant something different for readers when it comes to news topics beyond the city limits.

Yahoo Newspaper Alliance Shaky?

As fresh members signed on, the Yahoo Newspaper Consortium helped a lot of companies achieve some impressive gains.  Yet there’s now a concern that nothing else will happen.

Yahoo Saving The Newspaper Industry

All of those deals Yahoo made with newspaper publishers seem to be yielding positive results for the world of print media.

Google Tools Around With Print Ads
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The company unveiled a new tool to assist its AdWords advertisers in creating ads destined for the world of newsprint.

Philly.com Joins Yahoo Newspaper Consortium

I’ve never been to Philadelphia, and before today, I’d never been to Philly.com.  I’ve heard that the former is a nice city, though, and the latter is definitely a decent-looking site.  Philly.com apparently appealed to Yahoo, as well; it’s now a member of the company’s Newspaper Consortium.

Newspaper Readers Do It Online

Newsprint has plenty of readers for its online outposts, with Internet users reading newspapers in their browsers in growing numbers.

Interesting Times for the Newspapers

Mark Glaser believes that the ‘Cup Is Overflowing’ for Future of Journalism. As he writes:

What’s a Newspaper Site?
It is something you throw co-branded lead generation offers on to get past search engine quality scores and search relevancy scores based on domain trust and authority.

The Coming Content Wars

A few days ago, a report showed that Internet advertising was up 35% last year, hitting almost $17 billion. It’s been almost a year since we reported, “Web Advertising Spending Too Low,” and it looks like advertisers are starting to close the gap.

Newspaper Web Sites Attract Growing Audience

Newspaper Web sites are doing well and their audience is growing at close to twice the rate of the overall online audience, according to new data from the Newspaper Association of America.

Happenings in the Industry
A few quick links of worthy happenings in the industry:

More MSM foolishness and incomplete reporting at Forbes, “Condemned to Google Hell“. Yeah, that’s right. On this one I am drinking the Google kool aid.

Newspaper Web Sites Have Record 1st Quarter

Online newspapers did well in the first quarter of this year, attracting 59 million people on average, setting a record that represents a 5.3 percent increase over last, year according to analysis from Nielsen//NetRatings for the Newspaper Association of America.

Yahoo Adds NewsPaper Partner

Yahoo and 12 U.S. newspaper companies have reached an agreement that expands their partnership by combining newspapers local news and advertising reach with Yahoo’s resources and audience.

The McClatchy Company is the latest newspaper publisher to sign on with the consortium. The group now includes 264 papers in 44 states, along with numerous distribution channels that benefit advertisers, readers and companies that participate.

X Isn’t Dead

I am overly tired of the “X is dead” redundancy. I understand the enthusiasm with which those who spout “X is dead” embrace what they believe in, but communication channels rarely die because of the advent of something new, even when that new thing represents a revolutionary, paradigm-changing development. Print didn’t replace face-to-face communication, after all, and television didn’t kill radio.

Newspaper Design And Usability

Usability measures how satisfactory the user will find the experience of using a product or service. It’s as appropriate for newspapers as it is for coffee makers.

How Good of a Blog Writer are You?

Two nights ago I got upset about something and did one of the two curious things I tend to do when I get

Newspaper Software

The New York Times Reader, a piece of software you can download to read the NYT on your PC, came out in beta last fall and I immediately downloaded it for a few reasons — including the fact that I am a geek, a newspaper journalist and a big NYT fan. And I have to admit that it was (and is) pretty slick. Thanks to Microsoft’s presentation software, it replicates the look of a newspaper, but updates itself when connected to the Web, etc.

Adobe Labs Testing Social Newspaper
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MyFeedz.com launched quietly in ‘technology preview’ mode from Adobe Labs recently, offering a web-based application that learns from the visitor’s reading habits to continually improve the information it presents.

Walled Gardens and Newspapers

The Globe and Mail tells us that "Google loses copyright case in Belgium". Apparently a court has now ruled in favour of Belgian newspapers that sued Google Inc., claiming that the Web search Internet search leader infringed copyright laws and demanded it remove their stories. They want only subscribers to be able to see their articles within their walled gardens. Presumably they do not wish searchers to find their contents by using search engines.

World’s Oldest Newspaper Moves Online

Sweden’s Post och Inrikes Tidningar, known as the worlds oldest newspaper has ended publication of its print edition and will be available only online. The paper has become more of a government bulletin and has not reported news stories for over a hundred years.

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