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Yahoo Newspaper Consortium Marks 100 Million Visits
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Yahoo’s Newspaper Consortium has occasionally seemed like a bad idea.  A troubled group of dead-tree entities working with an imploding Internet company . . . what good could come of it?  Well, as it turns out, 100 million visits to members’ sites.

YHOO Newspaper Consortium Tests Behavioral Targeting

If the Yahoo Newspaper Consortium is supposed to represent an advance over the traditional dead-tree industry, it only makes sense that its approach to advertising would be high-tech, too.  So in a move that seems smart enough, Yahoo is beginning to test behavioral and geotargeting.

YHOO Newspaper Consortium Tests Behavioral Targeting

Yahoo Newspaper Alliance Shaky?

As fresh members signed on, the Yahoo Newspaper Consortium helped a lot of companies achieve some impressive gains.  Yet there’s now a concern that nothing else will happen.

Philly.com Joins Yahoo Newspaper Consortium

I’ve never been to Philadelphia, and before today, I’d never been to Philly.com.  I’ve heard that the former is a nice city, though, and the latter is definitely a decent-looking site.  Philly.com apparently appealed to Yahoo, as well; it’s now a member of the company’s Newspaper Consortium.