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Newsletters that Make Money

In my last article, I explained why selling ads to your eZine can cause you to lose money. Now I want to look at an alternative that can increase your income far beyond anything you would receive from advertising. In just three easy steps you can, over time, create a newsletter that will produce 10-20 cents per subscriber every single month.

The Advantages of Using FrontPage

Ever since I’ve been doing SEO work, I’ve always griped and complained about FrontPage and all the extraneous code it puts in the section of the page, etc.

Then recently, I had the opportunity to visit with a group of advanced search engine optimizers, and I was shocked to find that many of them use FrontPage and love it.

Why Some Newsletters Get *READ* While the Rest Get *TRASHED*!

It’s a simple truth…

Some newsletters seem to attract readers like bees to honey – whilst others seem to struggle to find a marketplace of interested subscribers. But why?

What’s the big difference between success and failure when it comes to publishing your own newsletter? And what should you aim to do, if your goal is to build an army of loyal subscribers?

For the first time ever, acknowledged newsletter expert, Michael Green, reveals his top five hints for creating your own winning newsletter or Ezine publication.

Formatting your Email Newsletters

Pop-quiz hotshot!

You’ve got to send an HTML email to a list of clients and have it display correctly across a spectrum of email clients which include Outlook, web-based, frame-based.

It has to be Netscape compatible, Eudora-friendly, Lotus Notes accessible…

What do you do?

So, you want to send HTML email to your clients, prospects or newsletter subscribers. Marketing has descended from upon high and declared it, the small business client wants it, and an executive in management has read something about it.

Well, why not? The clickthrough rates are noticeably higher on HTML email. Analytics show that customers are less likely to unsubscribe from HTML email than their text counterparts. In my last TemplateKit email newsletter (50,000+ recipients, http://www.templatekit.com/email/TK20.htm) I had 12 unsubscribes, 9 of which were text recipients. Customers simply respond with more click-throughs, more sales, more inquiries for information, but only if your message is in a form that the recipient can easily view and display correctly.

3 Hypnotic Salesletter Closings!

1) You could end your ad copy by telling people what will happen if they don’t buy your product. Use a problem which they won’t be able to solve without it. For example, you could say, “Imagine staying in debt, filing for bankruptcy and losing your credit.” Another example, “See yourself 5 years from now still without the love of your life. How will you feel?”

How to Get FLASH Indexed in the Search Engines

Note: The example portions of this article have been removed. However, you can view the article in its entirety at: http://www.academywebspecialists.com/newsletters/0702.html

Perhaps you can relate to the involuntary groan elicited by search engine optimizers when a client presents an expensive new Web site featuring high quality FLASH movie content

Why Most Newsletters Fail their Readers and Owners Alike!

Suddenly there are hundreds-of-thousands of newsletter editors out there, publishing a ton of exciting new Titles each month.

Old And New Contents for Your eZines & Newsletters

Do you struggle to find the fresh new content for your ezines and newsletters?

10 Winning Ways to Promote your Online Business

You’ve got your website built, it’s got all the gizmos and gadgets, and your website is “live” on the server. Now what? How do you get customers to your site? You can register with the search engines and directories. There are several good services out there to choose from. How else can you market your website to make it stand above the crowd? Here’s some tips I’ve picked up along the way.

How to Advertise in Ezines/Newsletters
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Ezine advertising has got to be the cheapest and best form of advertising presently on the ‘Net. When trying to promote your product or Web Site, you need to sit down and think of what publications your target market is reading. The best way to keep informed of advertising opportunities or to find out ad rates is to become a subscriber yourself. Usually you will find the “how to” submit an ad at the bottom of the publication. Many of them will allow new subscribers to place a free ad for subscribing.