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Your Newsletter As Search Engine Superhero?

Newsletters are magical things — they can attract customers, increase company profits, establish expertise and much more. But, did you know they can also help you increase your search engine rankings?

Your Success Depends on Your List

Now you’ve probably heard it said a 1000 times by the top online marketers: the single most important thing that you can do is build your list. I challenge you because there is a second part to this: build a relationship with your customers and readers. Provide them with content that they can use and products that they want. You’ll have loyal subscribers who will buy your products.

Ezine Readers Not Biting? Change the Bait

A newsletter can be a fantastic way to lure new customers, but without the right bait, you can send out line after line (or issue after issue) and not get a single bite.

What should you be baiting your newsletter with? Let’s take a look:

Newsletter Critique: ExtraordinaryHomes.com

Carol Abrahamson, a new reader and owner of ExtraordinaryHomes.com, recently wrote in to Michael Katz to ask him some questions about the e-newsletter she’s developing. Their conversation reveals both Carol’s unique and vivacious approach to marketing, as well as Michael’s understanding of e-newsletters.

Six Reasons Why You Should Publish a Newsletter

Putting out a newsletter is kind of like flossing your teeth. You know you should, but it sure is easy to put off. I’m hoping these six reasons will motivate you to give it a try. You’ll find that once you make the commitment, it’s really not all that hard to do.

25 Easy Ways to Double Subscribers to Your Email Newsletter

What’s the key to getting more subscribers to your email list? We talked with clients to discover what they do to grow their lists, and we compiled their 25 most applicable ideas.

Michael Katz Answers E-Newsletter Questions
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Electronic newsletters (or E-Newsletters or Ezines) are conceptually simple: they’re just emails sent to a number of people at once. In practice however, they involve many moving parts, and to be done professionally, it requires both a big picture view, as well as a tactical understanding of how the pieces fit together. E-Newsletter Guru and author of the book, E-Newsletters That Work Michael J. Katz takes your questions and answers them personally.

Don’t Let Your HTML Email Newsletter Break!

Want to increase your newsletter subscribe rates, build your brand, and increase your orders? Then it’s time to consider publishing an HTML version of your newsletter. Afraid of HTML errors? Here are six steps to cleaner newsletters, fewer errors, and a great HTML experience for you and your readers.

7 Successful Promotion Tips

Every week I receive a number of articles published in various newsletters and groups. These articles outline dozens of avenues to market my site, to increase my site traffic and newsletter subscribers, to turn my site visitors into sales, to increase my site’s search engine position, to earn extra income from my site and the list goes on. Though I am very grateful for all the tips I have received; I am surprised that none of the articles are from webmasters like myself. People who run sites which have no direct relation to web site promotion or marketing but who can tell me what strategy works for them and what don’t in marketing their sites especially on a tight budget. Here, I want to briefly explain what has worked for me and the results I am getting.

Keep Your Company Newsletter Out of the Circular File

You spend a considerable amount of time and money on your print newsletter and the only way your investment pays off is if your readers actually interact with your newsletter in a positive way. Unfortunately, most company newsletters don’t do a very good job of encouraging any such interaction.

Flaming Kitchen Sponges That Make Readers Read

(Nearly) every newsletter should have a note from the editor. You can use this section to tell readers about your pets or kids, you can use it to tell them about your new office, or you can use it to tell them about your flaming kitchen sponge.

I read your newsletter religiously

I subscribed to WebProNews a few weeks ago and now I read your newsletter religously. I just read the review section of http://www.landisgyr.us/ EXCELLENT feedback from your readers!

Six Suggestions for Improving the Readability of TheHomeSchoolMom.Com Newsletter

TheHomeSchoolMom.Com meets the first test of an ezine with flying colors: it provides plenty of useful content for Moms who are homeschooling their children, and updates and expands the Web site. The newsletter has a personal voice and an enthusiastic “can do” tone. The newsletter would be welcomed by any homeschooling Mom.

The newsletter has a nice, uncluttered design that contributes to readability. The newsletter’s tag line: “Bringing you the best free homeschool resources” clearly identifies the purpose and scope of the newsletter. The newsletter does a good job of separating content from advertising, and of letting the reader know what is advertising.

Marilynne Rudick and Leslie O’Flahavan Answer Online Writing Questions

We’re interested in all aspects of online writing-e-mail marketing, online newsletters, web-writing, customer service e-mail and Web self-service. And we’d like to hear from you about your concerns and experiences.

  • Are you interested in developing a new online newsletter but can’t decide on format or frequency?
  • Do you have print publications you’d like to “repurpose” for the Web?
  • Are you thinking about an e-mail sales campaign and need advice on killer copy?
  • Do you want to use your customer service e-mail as a marketing tool?
  • Do you want to write effective FAQs for your Web site to free your staff to answer IAQ’s (infrequently asked questions!)?
  • Quick Guide to E-newsletter Publishing

    Newsletter or e-zine publishing is a leading communication and marketing tool for your web site and an important part of building a long-term successful online business.

    E-Mail Newsletter Marketing Essentials

    If Gutenberg were alive today he would be in publishing heaven! Forget the printing press, the web has fast-forwarded self-publishing in ways that are evolving so rapidly it’s becoming difficult to integrate technology and process to leverage the opportunities. Any company, regardless of their size and marketing resources should be publishing an opt-in e-mail newsletter – it’s a very low cost way to build community with customers, keep suppliers/partners/other informed and generate new business.

    How to tell if someone opens your email newsletter

    There is no real way to know exactly how many times your newsletters are read. There is a neat little ‘trick’ you can use with HTML based newsletters and email so that you can know at least how many times it has been viewed. Compare the number of views the number of copies sent out and you will have a reasonably good idea of how well read your newsletter is. With HTML newsletters and email messages it is possible to tell if the message has been opened.

    Why WebProNews is my favorite ebusiness newsletter

    I read WebProNews every time I see it in my inbox, or if I don’t have time, I put it in my TODO folder.

    I have a folder named “WebProNews” where I save all the past issues that pertain to my work.

    Again a really interesting newsletter


    Again a really interesting newsletter. I’m a webdesigner in Austria and I mean we are always a few years behind the states. By the way: I couldn’t find out from your website from where you are. Lexington in UK or in Australia or US?

    Like your newsletter

    I like the stream lined and do not mind clicking links for more info. Like your newsletter and it is one of the few I have maintained for any period of time. Peace.

    Use a List-server to Distribute Your Newsletter

    If you publish an e-newsletter or e-zine, you know that administering your subscriber list is a big chore. To maintain the list, you may be using an email program on your computer or a CGI program on your server. One advantage to maintaining the list yourself is that you know it is not being shared by anyone else.