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Surprise Your Newsletter Subscribers

Keep your newsletter subscribers interested by mixing up the days you send out your newsletter. Subscribers will look forward to the enewsletters you’ll send when they know they contain valuable information.

Are Your Subscribers Receiving Your Newsletter?

In my e-mail one day, I received the following message: “Hello, I am a subscriber to your ezine and received the attached e-mail. Please advise if this is actually from your website. Thank you.”

Making Your Newsletter Readable

Usability guru Jakob Nielsen has some advice for email newsletter publishers: skip the intros and skip the geek lingo (among 165 other tips). Subscribers are scanners, not readers, still prefer email to RSS, and are quick to dump you for a competitor.

E-mail Newsletters: Inbox Marketing Power

Your e-mail inbox probably receives several of them each day. Some you open and read, while others are deleted, without a second thought.

JD Edwards, Red Hat, Oracle vs SAP Growth…

News on Applications Unlimited – Oracle’s plan to enhance JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel applications on an on-going basis.

Content Strategy Workshop

Taking content syndication and Internet marketing down to application level for travel sites.

Stop Annoying People With Your Newsletter

I read a lot of newsletters. Some are great and some are not so great. I put together this article to highlight the five mistakes I see most often in other people’s newsletters.

Does Everyone Ignore Your Newsletter?

As Internet marketers we all know how important it is to have a successful newsletter to help us keep in touch with our customers.

What’s in an Investment Newsletter?

When an investor receives a newsletter full of stock tips and information, the first instinct is to act quickly on the information in order to make money before anyone else does.

More Social media in the Enterprise

More examples of organizations using social media as part of their internal communications efforts. This one comes from Niall Cook, UK-based Netcoms director for PR agency Hill & Knowlton:

Do Newsletters Help Your Marketing?

Newsletters act as part of your “keep in touch” marketing strategy. They provide a vehicle for keeping in touch with your current customers or clients and providing them with additional value.

ColdFusion Job Opportunities Going Inert

For programmers considering a career path, employers seeking Java and .NET skillsets greatly outnumber those who want a ColdFusion programmer or developer.

How To Dissect Mutual Fund Returns
· 1

While total and compound annual returns are useful, savvy investors will look deeper, using a variety of metrics, to get a more complete picture on mutual fund performance.

Sending Personalized Microsoft Publisher Newsletters to a Distribution List

If you create an email newsletter in Microsoft Publisher, you have probably run into the same problem that I did – distributing the newsletter after creating it.

NYTimes: RSS Is Like An Email Newsletter

A timely article in the travel section of today’s Times, entitled “There’s a Popular New Code for Deals: RSS,” (grab it before it rolls behind the registration wall) shows how travel company marketers are using RSS to supplement their existing email newsletter campaigns with RSS feeds.

Animators Get Mentored Online

The 18-month accredited program from AnimatedMentor.com costs aspiring animators over $14,000, and that places students under the guidance of professionals from Pixar, Disney, and Industrial Light & Magic.

Where is PR Going?

Okay, I keep planning to do a big think piece – or really, a “what I think” piece – on where PR is going in 2006.

Integrated Content Works … Ask Trump

Microsoft won this evenings Apprentice hands down. In today’s Tivo happy world content integrated marketing is the future and we all better get used to it.

Email Newsletters: Increasing Subscriber Numbers

Mary was frustrated with the lack of subscribers to her new e-mail newsletter. She had taken care to make it a double opt-in type, and was always careful to avoid any hint of spamming.

Publishing A Newsletter

Today, many websites offer a free newsletter. Newsletters, from the receiving end, can be a great source for information that is delivered to your in-box.

How to Format Your Email Newsletter

When subscribers’ email readers (programs) receive your text newsletter, they will display it in all kinds of ways. Not only are there different programs, but each one has several customization options.