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Hulu Being Sued By Lulu

Lulu Enterprises, an online self-publishing company has filed suit against News Corp/NB C Universal’s joint venture Hulu for trademark infringement, unfair and deceptive trade practices and for federal cyberpiracy.

News Corp., NBC Name Their Web Baby

Am I getting old or are things just getting dumber? Don’t answer that. I won’t want to know either way. News Corp. and NBC Universal announced the name of their jointly ventured online video site: Hulu.

Well, At Least One FCC Commissioner Isn’t An Idiot

Federal Communications Commissioner Michael J. Copps isn’t happy about how the commission has handled a number of recent issues, and is speaking loudly about it. And if one is as disgruntled as much of the public is, then that might be a positive sign.

Dow Jones Denies News Corp. Buyout

A report from British news site The Business that Dow Jones had officially been sold to Rupert Murdoch is being called untrue by spokespersons for both the Bancroft family, which owns Dow Jones.

MySpace Founders Want How Much?

Just as Rupert Murdoch and the News Corp apparatus pore over a potential deal for Dow Jones, MySpace founders Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson have submitted their pay requests for consideration.

Rumor: MySpace Swap For Yahoo Stake
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News Corp could be offering Jerry Yang a deal where they would trade MySpace in exchange for a stake in Yahoo.

GE, Microsoft Look To Out-Murdoch News Corp

News Corp.’s bid to buy Dow Jones, and by default, the most influential financial newspaper in the world, the Wall Street Journal, seems to have spooked media rival General Electric into making a bid for the company as well.

MySpace Brands Itself With Premium Video Content

When News Corp. entered the Internet world with its acquisition of MySpace, the I-World looked at Rupert Murdoch like they were "a-smellin’ onions." Nearly two years later, News Corp. is proving to be one of the Web-savviest companies around.

News Corp. – Did it Save MySpace?

Richard Rosenblatt, chairman-CEO of Demand Media and former CEO of Intermix, told AdAge that:

News Corp. Not Competing w/ YouTube?
Wired Magazine has another interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt today. They cover everything from Steve Ballmer’s recent attacks on Google (which Eric tactfully declines to coment on directly) to News Corp’s proposed YouTube killer to rumored deals with Apple.

A few highlights from Schmidt:

Google Considers Networking With News Corp, NBC
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NBC and News Corp have enlisted several Google competitors (MSN, Yahoo, AOL) to be distributors in their content network; this may have caused some tremors at the Googleplex.

Analyst: Yahoo Gains From Video Alliance

The much discussed NBC and News Corp video alliance will include Yahoo in its net of content distributors, and that is going to benefit the portal company.

YouTube? Eh, MySpace Is The One To Watch
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All of us that doubted the power of MySpace should be ashamed ourselves. I was chief among the doubters, nearly certain that once MySpace’s teenybopper base grew up, News Corp. would feel the pain of it in the wallet. But two things happened: MySpace blew up YouTube; and last week blew up MSN Video.

Another Day, Another So-Called YouTube Killer
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NBC and News Corp could announce as early as today a partnership geared at launching an online video site to rival YouTube. The site would feature clips from programming on both networks, allowing users to modify and share them in socially relevant ways.

Fox, MySpace Ready To Roll Their Own Ads

Fox Interactive Media now has the tools in place to start relying less on third-party ad placement systems and more on what they can sell based on the data they have, like all of those MySpace profiles just hanging around the social networking site.

MySpace to Block YouTube?

Google executives Eric Schmidt and Tim Armstrong are set to meet this week with News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch on the heels of the $1.65 billion sale of YouTube to the search engine giant.

News Corp Buys VeriSign Subsidiary

News Corp. and VeriSign announced this week their plans to form the world’s largest provider of mobile entertainment. News Corp. will pay approximately $188 million for a controlling interest in VeriSign’s wholly-owned Jamba subsidiary and will combine it with Fox Mobile Entertainment assets.

MySpace Goes To The Movies

It isn’t just for promoting films anymore; News Corp and Fox Interactive Media plan to offer movie downloads on its websites like MySpace and IGN.

MySpace Undeletes Ted Stevens Spoof

MySpace has lots of rules for its members. There’s no nudity allowed. Nor does the site tolerate copyright and trademark infringement or deceptive advertising. And for a minute there, it appeared MySpace members were also not allowed to make fun of Senator Ted Stevens.

News Corp Partners On Net Safety Ads
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Seeking to allay concerned parents and skittish advertisers, MySpace parent News Corp has joined with The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and the Advertising Council to distribute public service ads about online safety.

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