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Trade Group Calls Amazon NY Tax Law Unconstitutional

The Performance Marketing Alliance has filed a brief with the New York Supreme Court in support of’s appeal, which argues that the law requiring online retailers to collect use taxes on sales in New York based on their relationship with affiliate marketers is unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

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New York Settles With Firm Posting Fake Reviews

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has reached a settlement with cosmetic surgery firm Lifestyle Lift over the posting of fake consumer reviews online.

Under the settlement, Lifestyle Lift will stop posting anonymous positive reviews about the company to online forums and other websites. The company will pay $300,000 in fines and costs to the State of New York. According to the AG’s office the case is believed to be the first in the nation aimed at taking on astroturfing.

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New York State Embraces Social Media

The New York State Office for Technology has launched Empire 2.0, a social media networking initiative with the goal of promoting government participation, increase collaboration and to improve the state’s ability to share information with social media users.

The Empire 2.0 strategy is a roadmap for state agencies to use Web 2.0, new media and social collaborative tools and technologies to improve communications and services while being more transparent and open.

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Amazon Loses New York Tax Suit

A New York State Supreme Court Justice has dismissed’s lawsuit challenging the law that requires some out-of-state online retailers to collect New York sales tax.

New York Justice Eileen Bransten wrote in an order released today "there is no basis upon which Amazon can prevail."

The judge said the New York law does not tax "any and all Internet sales," but only requires businesses to collect state and local sales taxes if the company generates $10,000 or more in revenue via affiliate networks.

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Spitzer Hired To Write Financial Column For Slate

Former controversial New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who was forced to resign amid a call girl scandal, will now have a new job writing a column for about finances and the economy.

The column is called "The Best Policy," and will run every other week. In his debut column for Slate titled "Too Big Not To Fail" Spitzer takes the U.S. government to task for trying to bailout financial institutions.

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Comcast Set To Sign New York Child Porn Code

Comcast said it plans to sign an agreement with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to block access to Web sites and bulletin boards that distribute child pornography.

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Usenet Villified In NY Deal With ISPs

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office reached agreements with three big broadband providers to pare back access to the newsgroups on Usenet, in the name of fighting child pornography.

Read More Sues New York Over Tax Law has filed a lawsuit challenging New York’s new tax law that requires online retailers with affiliates in New York to collect New York sales tax. The state maintains those affiliates count as a physical presence.

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Overstock Dumps NY Affiliates Over Sales Tax

While Amazon plans to fight New York’s new law that requires it to collect sales tax on online purchases, Overstock chose to kick out its New York affiliates to avoid that collection duty.

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New York Goes Gangsta With Tax Law

Online retailers doing business in New York will be required to register with the state beginning June 1, 2008 to collect taxes, or face audits for prior quarters for failing to register.

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Amazon Sues New York State Over Tax Law is suing the state of New York for its recently enacted tax law that makes it mandatory for online retailers to collect sales tax on items shipped to the state.

The law states that Internet retailers with affiliates in New York must collect New York sales tax because those affiliates have a physical presence in the state. The new law is estimated to generate $50 million in tax revenue for the state.

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Amazon And New York’s Battle On Sales Tax

For years I have been paying sales tax (VAT) on purchases I make online through services such as Clickbank. It is inconvenient but it is much easier for Clickbank to work this way then to have to monitor the location of a seller and buyer.

The general rule in the US, as far as I can determine is that if you have a business presence in a state, you have to pay tax there. This applies if you own your own servers in the sate, or if you have employees.

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New York Getting Physical With

The New York State Legislature wants Amazon to collect sales taxes from New York buyers, despite Amazon not having a physical presence in the state.

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NY Lawmakers Approve Internet Tax

A new bill called the "Amazon Tax" has been approved by New York Legislators and is now awaiting the approval of New York governor David Patterson.

If Patterson signs the bill into law it will require online retailers, such as Amazon to collect sales tax on items shipped to New York. The bill is estimated to generate $50 million in tax revenue for the state.

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Police Misconduct Lawsuits Prompts TxtMob Subpoena

The TxtMob technology allows people to contact groups of like-minded folks in a bulletin board way with mobile devices. New York City wants to know who used it in August 2004.

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SES NY: Good Public Relations Can Influence Search Rank

I spoke today at a session at Search Engine Strategies in New York City. Even though we were the second-to-last session on the last day of the show our session was very well attended.



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SEM Conferences You Should Be Attending

SEMpdx Searchfest

Stoney at SEMpdx

Ok, this one has come and gone but I wanted to provide a short debrief. I have to say that I had a fantastic time. Searchfest marked my one-year anniversary speaking at conferences. They opened the door for me at Searchfest 2007 and were kind enough to invite me back this year. Boy, am I glad they did.

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SES New York Kicks Off

Yesterday proved to be an interesting kickoff to this year’s Search Engine Strategies conference here in New York. The Organic Listings panel was entertaining and informative as always and the Build Investment Interest in your SEO/SEM firm was an early indulgence for myself that offered great tips for those looking at the future liquidity and monetization for their agency.

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Search Marketing Trends in 2008

Last week I was able to catch up with Jeffrey Pruitt, EVP, Corporate Partnerships at iCrossing, to discuss his thoughts on search marketing trends and paradigm shifts in 2008. We also discussed some useful sessions people should check out while attending Search Engine Strategies in New York. Here’s how our conversation went:

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Spitzer, At Odds Over Sales Tax

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer wants all online retailers to collect tax on New York sales, even if the retailer is not based in the state.

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Amazon Says No To New York State Tax along with other online retailers may be required to collect sales tax in New York State if a proposal by Governor Eliot Spitzer is adopted. Amazon is opposed to such a plan.

Residents currently are on an honor system when it comes to reporting Internet purchases and paying taxes on those items. Online retailers with a brick-and-mortar presence in the state are required to collect sales tax at the time of the transaction.

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NY Lawmakers Propose Bill To Make Social Networks Safer

New York lawmakers have introduced legislation aimed at protecting minors from sexual predators on social networking sites.

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, State Sen. Joseph Bruno and Assemblyman Sheldon Silver released details of the Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act (E-Stop), which would prohibit convicted sex offenders from accessing social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook.

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New York Probing Intel On Antitrust Issue

The semi-dormant spat between Intel and AMD over Intel’s business practices heated up with a broad subpoena hitting Intel’s offices, courtesy of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

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CBS Unwires Manhattan With Wi-Fi

An experiment by CBS enables people with Wi-Fi-capable devices to access the Internet for free, at 5Mbps speeds, as the network tries out a wireless initiative in the Big Apple.

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Man Starts Site To Find Girl Of His Dreams

A story of a man who saw the girl of his dreams on a crowded subway train got the attention of New Yorkers this week.

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Facebook’s New York Office Fails To Impress

When someone gets a new house or apartment, visitors generally feel obliged to “ooh” and “aah” a bit for the owner’s sake.  Prices and pics of Facebook’s New York office have circulated, however, and they’re creating more of a “you-paid-what?!?” effect.

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Google Bakes A Gigantic Cake

Sure, there are privacy issues.  And yes, the company sometimes looks like a monopoly.  But it has now made a cake weighing at least 125 pounds, which leads me to ask: how can you not love Google?

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Facebook Called Out On Safety Claims

The popular social networking Web site Facebook is drawing heavy criticism from New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and could have a consumer fraud charge brought against it.

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Google’s Chelsea Land Grab

A few days ago, Google bought (or leased, actually) another 130,000 square feet of office space in New York City.  The new offices are located across from the old ones, creating (at least mentally) the image of another Googleplex.  The connection is also creating a lot of questions.

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NY Subway System To Get Mapped By Google

Subways have a bad reputation, but Google’s not (too) afraid – at long last, the search giant is mapping New York City’s subway system, and this move is likely to draw in more users than all of Google’s other transit-related projects.

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Google Leases Land In Chelsea

I’ve always said that, if I got sufficiently rich, I’d start buying land.  Land belonging to neighbors, land belonging to businesses – pretty much any land I could see, until I owned my own suburb, city, or state.  Now, I’ll never be that wealthy, but Google already is, and the company is leasing a suspicious amount of space in Chelsea, New York.

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Dude, Dell’s Getting Sued

Poor customer service and deceptive advertising by Dell have led New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to sue the computer maker.

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NY Board Seeks Google DoubleClick Delay

Concerns about privacy have prompted the New York State Consumer Protection Board to ask the Federal Trade Commission for a delay in approving Google’s proposed purchase of DoubleClick.

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