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Lancaster Plane Crash Leaves Two Dead In Western New York State

A plane crash near the Buffalo-Lancaster Regional Airport has left two dead, a 78-year-old pilot and a 14-year-old boy. The crash happened midair between two recreational single-engine aircrafts during an event of the Experimental Aircraft Association, according to the Buffalo News, “designed to introduce young people to the thrill of flying”. “It’s a very sad time when you have a …

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Buffalo Bills: New Owner May Be Announced in July

The Buffalo Bills may have a new owner. Although nothing will be announced until a few months from now, a deal is in the works with an interested party. Through an anonymous source, the Associated Press reported that the Buffalo Bills could be sold as soon as July. A major sales group has toured Buffalo, New York, for new stadium …

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Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Want (At Least) Minimum Wage

Five former cheerleaders have filed suit over wages against the Buffalo Bills. The team currently classifies cheerleaders as independent contractors, not as employees, thereby bypassing minimum wage requirements. The court may challenge their status, according to Tarnished Twenty, if it finds that “the organization gives a worker instructions on how to perform work, controls the work hours, tells the worker …

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