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New York City Teachers Approve Nine-Year Labor Contract

New York City teachers have voted and approved a nine-year labor contract on Tuesday. The contract states that teachers will be given back pay, and their salaries will be increased by 18 percent. However, questions regarding their health benefits are still left unanswered. About 90,000 votes were cast by union members, and out of those, 77 percent were said to …

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Al Roker Berates Mayor De Blasio Via Twitter

New York City experienced blizzards on Thursday, and schools were kept open by the NYC administration. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was criticized for not following New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s lead, when Governor Cuomo declared a state of emergency. Elected officials and teacher’s unions called de Blasio’s decision to keep schools open a mistake, as the city was …

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Chiara de Blasio, Daughter of NY Mayor-elect, Admits to Drug Abuse

The daughter of New York City Mayor-elect, Bill de Blasio, has recently revealed her substance abuse and clinical depression in a YouTube video confession posted on Christmas Eve. Chiara de Blasio, 19, admitted to suffering from both during her entire adolescence. In a well-crafted and professional video produced by her father’s staff, she explains how drinking and smoking marijuana carried …

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