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IPad 3 is the New Chuck Norris

Did you know?: iPad 3 is so high-def, it makes reality look pixelated! iPad 3 includes a night light, because the dark is afraid it. iPad 3 is so awesome, Chinese workers pay to assemble it. And my personal favorite: iPad 3 doesn’t search the internet, it just b****slaps Siri until it gets the information. Joyoftech.com came out with a …

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Data Promises New Technology May Help You Lose Your Reading Glasses

It’s not often you hear about a new technology product that has so far had 100% positive results and this one promises excellent eye saving news for all those currently using reading glasses who would like to lose them . A study recently published in Scientific Reports showed that a new technology product actually helped the participants suffering from Presbyopia …

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Brain-Like Computer Circuit On The Horizon

A 37 year old theory is coming to reality for developers at Hewlett-Packard. A memory circuit capable of remembering past patterns of data and how they were collected is on the horizon. It will feature low energy usage and fast activation time. Stanley Williams, senior fellow at HP explains about the Memristor: “Because it [uses] less voltage and less time, …

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Waterproof iPhones?

Have you ever ran your cell phone through the washing machine? many of us have and the end result is not always pretty, but there is help on the way according to makers of microscopic technology. The new technology is a film that would protect the internal components of phones, resist water, and also not interfere with the devices functioning. …

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