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BlogWorld Expo: How to Seduce Your Tribe and Create Raving Fans
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WebPronews anchor Abby Prince-Johnson attended the BlogWorld session entitled " How to Seduce Your Tribe and Create Raving Fans ". The gist of this session from what I gather is about how new media and social media account for the biggest change in the worlds of both business and politics.

Forget Print, Can Journalism Be Saved?
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It would take steely nerve or extreme romanticism to major in journalism these days. The pay was never great for the green and the aspiring, and hence consideration of journalism as a career required some stubborn devotion to the importance of the Fourth Estate. But a decade ago, one at least assumed there was security, honor, and even prestige in the profession, which was motivation enough.

How Blogs Make Me Schizo
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One part I like about this digital revolution is that it takes a lot of the pretentiousness out of publishing. One part I dislike about this digital revolution is that it takes a lot of the pretentiousness out of publishing.

Blogger Goofs On Twitter Ads
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The latest gaff in online journalism comes courtesy of prominent tech blog, emphasizing once again an important point: When bloggers are under pressure to be first and fast, the journalistic process is undermined and due diligence is neglected.

Newspapers No Longer The AP’s Bread And Butter

AP chairman Dean Singleton only used the words "Internet" and "websites" once each in a recent address, and "online" didn’t come up at all.  Still, Singleton’s remarks made clear that traditional newspapers are losing ground to new media.

New Media Ad Spending May Hit $12.6B In 2012

If a Parks Associates report is right, the next handful of years should be a great time for everyone in the "new multimedia platforms" advertising business; the report’s findings state that, in 2012, over $12.6 billion will be spent on these platforms.

What Does the Future of the Newspaper Look Like?
Mediapost referenced a 66 slide powerpoint by The World Association of Newspapers, titled Shaping the Future of the Newspaper.

Each bulleted list below is a slide from their presentation. I grouped some of them together to discuss how/where I think they relate.

Survey: 3/4 Journalists Use Blogs

A new survey by Brodeur and MarketWire, shows that 75% of journalists use blogs to get ideas for stories.

Journalists may not comment but they are reading…in fact, four in five say they read read blogs at least two to three times a week. Almost 30% of journalists in the survey say they have their own blog.

Journalists consult blogs for story ideas, angles and insights:

Predictions in New Media for this Year

I’ve written about the trend of ad dollars going from traditional to New Media. Analysts at The Kelsey Group have a list of predictions for the new year.

Study Looks at How Journalists Use Blogs

In a recent study by Omnicom Group’s Brodeur and Marketwire about how

Old Media, Time To Find The Missing Link
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There is an inherent competitiveness within the media industry, and any given entity goes about its business as though parallel organizations don’t exist – and throwing the competition a hyperlink is tantamount to endorsement. After all, if you sell shoes, you wouldn’t willingly direct customers to another shoe store, would you?

Luckily, YouTubers Have ADD

Remember that time somebody tripped you in the cafeteria and you fell face first into your own mashed potatoes? Yeah, well, it’s like that, only bigger.

A Neutral Net Will Save The Watchdogs

Something is starkly wrong when diametrically opposed ideologues join hands in public to protest something else. That something wrong, in a nutshell: the government and communications companies working in concert to erode the freedoms that made our country great.

An Evolution From Journalism To Blogalism

It’s important to remember that what we understand journalism to be now isn’t always what journalism was, not even close, if you take it back to its green beginnings. How it is now, the format and structure of it was born of certain logistical necessities related to print, and later, broadcast; but media is changing, and in a big way, again.

Blogging to Build a Community

This week I had the joy of looking for a blogger to write a weekly column for a social media site centered around movies, filmmaking and pop culture that I’ll be launching next month. In my ad I explained my goals, gave my bio, pointed to this blog and asked to see a writing sample.

Hail And Farewell, Print Media

Old Media is in its final throes, as a New Media carillon tolls dismally in the distance, and the potential mourners are too busy with their mobiles to care about the inescapable grip of entropy upon the dying body politic of the newspaper industry.

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