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Mega Millions Drawing In Record Numbers

The popular lotto game Mega Millions has already been attracting a lot of attention recently with its huge jackpot, but when the drawing last night didn’t produce a winner, the annuity leaped to $290 million, which equals a record $205 million in cash. Although no one hit all the numbers drawn–1, 4, 6, 11 and 14, with a Mega Ball …

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NJ Supreme Court: Journalists’ Shield Law Doesn’t Apply to Message Boards

A very interesting ruling came out of the Supreme Court in New Jersey, seemingly drawing a line between “journalistic” channels and other information channels. Where that line is exactly, is not entirely clear. It’s even more interesting when you consider that social media has played such an enormous role in news in the last several years (a trend that only …

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Crying YouTube Star Has His Wish Granted To Be Governor [VIDEO]

Go ahead and file this story in the “feel good news” category. Jesse Koczon, who came into fame when crying about being too young to be governor, has had his wish fulfilled. Governor Christie, signed a proclamation on Wednesday which made Koczon honorary governor of New Jersey for the day. The story begins during the election in 2009. Jesse’s parents …

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Addressing The Problem Of Bullying On Facebook

Yesterday, Tony Orsini, my son’s middle school principal sent a blunt letter to all parents telling us that we should ban social networks for our middle school children. I was unsure whether it was acceptable for me to print the latter when I got it, but our New York CBS TV station had a headline today, "NJ Principal Asks Parents To Ban Social Networking" in which it prints the whole letter. You should read it for yourself. I respect Tony, but he’s wrong on this one.

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New Jersey Considers Legalizing Online Gambling

A newly proposed law in New Jersey would allow residents there to gamble online via websites run by the state’s casinos in Atlantic City.

The bill was introduced into the New Jersey senate by Senator Raymond Lesniak (D-Union), who also introduced a separate bill which calls for New Jersey residents to vote on a constitutional amendment that would allow state-regulated sports wagering in Atlantic City casinos, and to state residents via an intra-state Internet gambling system.

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