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The Key for Microsoft and Yahoo

It’s anyone’s guess at the moment whether Microsoft will succeed in its bid to acquire Yahoo.

Following Yahoo’s rejection of the unsolicited bid, subsequent speculation on who else might emerge as a white knight, or even whether Yahoo and Google might get into bed together to keep Microsoft at bay, the scene appears to be set for a battle that, whatever the eventual outcome, will re-draw the competition map of the internet.

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Blogging at Melcrum’s Conference

Melcrum’s Strategic Communication Management Summit 2006 got underway about 25 minutes ago.

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My Turn At The Top Table

Just after lunch, and just starting the afternoon sessions. Running quite a bit late – try to serve a three-course lunch to so many people in only an hour is the culprit.

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Neville Hobson Speaking at Upcoming Events

We’re well into the summer now, halfway through the really quiet period when most of Europe goes on holiday. At least the weather’s fantastic, in all senses of that word.

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