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The Feds Discover Social Networking

Relax, the Bush Administration isn’t trying to invade MySpace; instead, another group has erected a private playground called YoungFeds for the Administration’s less-than-geriatric staffers to enjoy.

Social Media And E Commerce

When social media touches sales marketers pay attention…

Ways Businesses Can Use Social Networking
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Here are the top ten (and two bonus) ways that businesses, associations and organizations can use social networking in the professional sphere.

Wallop Punches Up Social Networking

Modern participants will liken the Wallop site to the growing online communities with virtual goods, while older geeks may see the glimmer of a hint at places like Black Sun or Walled City. Wallop wants visitors to find self-expression and Flash developers to profit from creating mods for the site’s users.

Commercial Weblogs and Social Networking

I was checking out the latest release of the GT/Field mobile application from GTI. It was interesting to see that the company’s products are supported via a blogger weblog.

Promotion via Social Networking, Search and Bookmarking
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If you have been trying to get traffic to your site without paying for it, you must know by now that participating in online communities is one of the best ways.

Official Cisco CCIE Boot Camps

Regarded as the highest level of Cisco certification on the hierarchy of Cisco networking solutions and implementing professional training, CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) certifications are highly desired by IT professionals.

Upcoming Lends A Networking Hand

Instead of being a glad-handing poozer, using online resources like Yahoo’s Upcoming.org events community can be a much more effective way to network with the people you need to know.

ad:tech Chicago – Advertising with Social Media
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ad:tech Chicago is coming along nicely. Coverage of the conference by Online Marketing Blog as well as DMNews and iMedia Connection is keeping those who were not able to attend well informed. Here’s the next installement of our coverage:

Networking Laundry

Domestic appliance maker Whirlpool is testing some smart appliances with networking capability that show what we can expect to see around the home soon:

Social Networking a Weak Area for Google

CNET looks at what appears to be one of Google’s weak areas, social networking.

Friendster Awarded Social Networking Patent

Being a pioneer of social networking has its drawbacks and benefits. Though Friendster’s thunder was stolen by the likes of MySpace, Facebook, and Bebo, a social networking patent may give the company a back door to lost revenue recovery.

Borders Such as Advertising and PR Hard to Define

It has occurred to me these past few months that it’s far harder to define borders today than ever before.

Imbee – Social Networking for Kids
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Imbee has has launched a new social networking site that caters to kids.

The Pickup Artists of Networking

Spend too much time in the world of superlinked social site users, and they start to look like the seedy pickup artists in last year’s book The Game.

Mothers All Over Social Networking

More than any other demographic group, mothers seek out their online peers for support and advice, according to a new report from eMarketer.

comScore: Social Networking Booming Worldwide

Comscore Media Metrix just released audience numbers for some of the largest social networking sites on the Web.

AIM Opens Up For Social Networking

Looking to create a virtual world on your website? AOL has extended its Open AIM initiative to include support for AIM Bots, location-based services, and PC-to-PC voice calling. The update also includes support for developers working on the Mac OS X, Linux, and Pocket PC platforms or with Java.

NSA Eyes Social Networking Sites

It was revealed last month that the National Security Agency has been tracking the phone calls of millions of Americans.

Switches, QoS, And Cisco’s Networking Model

QoS is a big topic on your BCMSN and CCNP exams, and for good reason.

TypePad to Blend Social Networking, Blogs

Michael Arrington got the scoop on a big TypePad upgrade coming tomorrow called Comet that will blend blogging and social networking.