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Widgets – Battering Ram for Social Networking

When on a social networking panel last week I said something that can be seen as stupid or insightful.

Ideal Networking Tips for the Creative Entrepreneur

These tips are ideas that I have used successfully and often recommend to other creative entrepreneurs.

IBM’s Enterprise Social Networking Offerings

Big Blue has announced that they are working on a new product called “Lotus Connections,” which is targeted for a late 2007 release. From the IHT:

Google Employee Tide May be Shifting

Google has been the darling of the employee/recruitment world for a while due to their upwardly mobile stock price, reputation, place where smart people are, and lavish employee perks.

Social Networking in Healthcare

Was just sent a pointer to a solid article from the Wall Street Journal, “Social Networking Comes To Healthcare.”

BBC Weighs Its Social Networking Options

When I think of the BBC, I think of great television . . . of shows like “Monty Python,” “As Time Goes By,” and “Top Gear.” Then there’s MySpace, the social networking site that is most commonly associated with giggling teenage girls. Well, the BBC has announced plans to pursue social networking, but adults need not worry that the corporation is chasing after “that crowd.”

Hearst Acquires Social Networking Site

Hoping to capitalize on the online teen market Hearst Magazine’s digital unit has acquired eCrush.com a conglomerate of entertainment and social networking sites for teens and young adults. The purchase price has not been disclosed.

Girls Dominate The Social Networking World
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The growth in membership and usage of social networking sites has been driven by teens, and older teenage girls figure prominently in driving their rise.

Teens Savvy On Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have generated controversy and concern for many parents and teachers. Just who is your teen chatting with on MySpace? Is it a friend from school or some dirty old man down the street pretending to be someone else?

Not Using LinkedIn Is Unprofessional

“People with more than twenty connections are thirty-four times more likely to be approached with a job opportunity than people with less than five,” writes former Apple evangelist and founder of Garage.com, Guy Kawasaki about the professional benefits of actively maintaining a LinkedIn profile.

Toyota Introduces “Hybrid” Social Networking

Social networking is a bandwagon; the number of companies that haven’t taken a shot at it is decreasing on what seems like a daily basis. But in its newest incarnation, social networking may have become a reliable and fuel-saving bandwagon: Toyota has gotten on board with a redesigned site for the owners of hybrid vehicles.

Social Networking Meets Stock Investing
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TheStreet.com, Inc. has announced an agreement with A.R. Media, a New York-based media holding company, in launching a new Web site entitled Stockpickr – “The Stock Idea Network.”

The Career Networking Bandwagon

Networking for your job advancement in your career development path offers big benefits and outstanding career employment advancement opportunities that in most cases would never come your way otherwise.

Social Networking For Businesses

We’ve just made available a new Executive Briefing e-book that pragmatically introduces the idea of social networking for businesses and associations. Interested in introducing social networking to the exec staff at your organization? Included are answers to the common questions of:

Sex Sells On Social Networking Sites

Companies have turned to the popularity of online social networking sites to help market their campaigns.

Yahoo’s Social Networking Empire

GigaOM — Yahoo goes on a startup shopping binge GigaOm (along with quite a few other people) has a post out today about the three acquisitions announced by Yahoo! today. First thing this morning Yahoo! said they were acquiring Bix, then MyBlogLog and then Kenet Works. Whew! What a day.

Aggreg8: A Social Networking Site For IT Pros

Microsoft has launched a new social networking site for IT professionals called Aggreg8.
Think of MySpace but only focusing on all things IT related. On their homepage is the mission statement.

Lycos Launches Social Networking for Cinema

In an effort to reinvent itself as an online entertainment portal, Lycos has launched a new service that combines streaming video and real-time chat. Lycos Cinema will allow users to simultaneously watch and comment on films in the confines of a virtual screening room.

Social Networking in Corporations

The concept of social networking has been around in management research circles since the 1950s but advances in computing technology and the runaway success of online social communities has rekindled interest in the topic within business organizations.

Social Commerce and Fatigue

“As much as people want to connect through the Internet, the practice also can have the opposite effect: Social Networking Fatigue,” so says the article Social Sites Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing (via: SteinBlog).

Hoovers Launching Business Social Networking Site

When it comes to social networking, sites that target businesspeople are pretty small potatoes. LinkedIn, the category leader, has 7.8 million members, a respectable niche, but not in the same league as MySpace or Facebook.