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Getting Links Without Trying

Linkbaiting is a hot topic right now. However, one of the funniest definitions of creating linkbait was to “forget linkbait, think about the user first, and develop content for them.” Sounds noble enough, yet I find it extremely humorous. Mainly because of the language involved.

Social Networking Not Close to Death

Alex Krupp, whose blog I haven’t come across before, makes a lot of sense in his latest post about social networking (which is fitting, since his blog is called Sensemaking). He notes that the term “social network” has become so over-sold that it now causes many venture capitalists to run screaming in the opposite direction, and startups are pitching their businesses in cliched Hollywood movie terms: It’s like MySpace meets Flickr, or Facebook meets Pornotube.

Social Networking More Popular than Porn?
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There’s an unholy trinity of money making niches that are said to be perpetually profitable.

If you’re looking for a ‘permanent niche’, look no further than ‘Pills, Poker and Porn’.

No Thank You Sex, We’re Networking
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When it comes to surfing the Internet, sex is getting licked by social networking and the ability to connect with people based on more than just hormonal urges.

The Real Influence of Social Networks
Last month, JupiterResearch reported that 48% of Internet marketers would venture into social media marketing this year. This month they were involved in the research behind iProspect’s Social Networking User Behavior Study (press release). The result? Some pretty good stuff.

Mozilla Flies The Coop With Prototype Addon

Last week, Mozilla announced the development of an addon designed to implement social networking features within its popular Firefox web browser. The company has released an early prototype of the feature, named The Coop, so users can get an initial preview of what’s to come.

Does The MySpace Vote Matter?

One week ago, MySpace announced plans to hold its own little Presidential primary, and we all “oohed” and “aahed” (or at least thoughtfully “hmmed”) on cue – it sounds like an interesting idea, right?  But new data implies that MySpace’s elections won’t in any way predict the real deal.

Social Networking: Examining User Behavior
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Results from a recent iProspect study outline the specific behaviors of users visiting the most popular social networking sites. Among other items, the study finds that marketers should spend more time and resources investing in sites that operate within a relevant niche to their product than they have in the past.

CultureCloud Puffs Out An Enlightened Launch

Networking online doesn’t have to be all about flash-in-the-pan bands and website designs that make you wish the designer had some clue about complementary colors. Michele DiLorenzo has her head in the clouds when it comes to building out culturecloud, her social media concept site.

YellowBot – Interview w/ Solfo CEO Erron Silverstein

I had the pleasure of speaking with Erron Silverstein, CEO of Solfo, which has developed a new, Web 2.0 version of local directories with the user at the core of the project. It blends local and social aspects to bring local brick and mortar locations, such as restaurants, services, stores and more, to the forefront and inspire users to add to their communities by placing reviews, ratings, pictures and share their positive and negative experiences to bridge the gap between online persona’s and offline reality.

Google Considers Networking With News Corp, NBC
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NBC and News Corp have enlisted several Google competitors (MSN, Yahoo, AOL) to be distributors in their content network; this may have caused some tremors at the Googleplex.

Spotplex – Social Networking With a Twist

The name is Spotplex, and the twist is “Trafficracy”.

At first sight, Spotplex looks like a clone of digg, with popular and latest content on the homepage. But the content is not rated by the users, but by the number of visits a page receives.

Social Networking Attracts Big Iron Boys

I suppose it was inevitable that the whole

Ning – The Social Networking Engine

For something that was created by legendary Netscape founder Marc Andreessen — the Blake Ross of his day, for you Firefox fans — the social-media “engine” called Ning has kind of been flying under the radar for awhile.

Google Saw Your Social Networking Profile

The challenge of finding quality job recruits has even hit Google, long a highly coveted destination for technology graduates. Google is even having to do some legwork these days.

Google Has Poor Networking Skills

Working with TV networks to get their content on YouTube has been harder for Google to figure out than any technical challenge it might face.

Social Networking: Redux

Sites like Stumbled Upon, Digg, Reddit, and others might drive traffic, but the issues remain the same, who is really clicking on those recommendations?

Citizen Journalism, Blogging, Web 2.0, Democracy Player and management systems, Podcasts, and the whole host of other systems that we use to communicate with each other also drive other social issues and concerns.

Senator Wants to Block Tubes

Senator Ted Stevens has already achieved a certain kind of blogosphere and Internet infamy for his comments about teh Internets being "a series of tubes" (click the image for a dance remix of his address to the Senate). Now, he seems to want to compound that infamy by passing legislation that would block most social networking sites – including not just MySpace, but virtually any site that allows user contributions, including Wikipedia – from any school that receives federal education funding.

Illinois To Ban Social Networks?

There’s a lot of talk surrounding a bill currently being proposed by Alaska senator Ted Stevens, which would place restrictions on access to social networks within public schools. Legislation introduced in Illinois, however, seeks to completely ban these sites from the state’s schools.

Illinois state senator Matt Murphy, a republican, has introduced a bill entitled the “Social Networking Web Site Prohibition Act” which would effectively ban the surfing of any social network sites from computers in public school libraries.

Social Networking Continues Mobile Push

Vodafone and MySpace announced a deal today to provide social networking services to European customers for the first time. This move is representative of a continued push into the mobile marketplace by social networking services, along with their advertising partners.

Social Networking And Marketing

Makovsky + Company, an independent global public relations firms has launched Online Fluency, a practice focused on applying the techniques of social networking to business-to-business marketing.

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