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CafeMom Mops Up $5 Million In Funding
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As tradition would have it, Facebook’s for college students and LinkedIn’s for professionals.  But what about mothers?  Yes, mothers can of course be both college students and professionals, but in any case, there’s CafeMom, and for CafeMom, there’s $5 million – the social networking site just had a successful round of funding.

Virgin Mobile Bonds With Social Networking Sites

Social networking is hot – has been for years, really – and the mobile market isn’t exactly unpopular, either.  So Virgin Mobile is embracing both trends, and, as described by the company, “Virgin Mobile USA’s over 4.8 million customers can now access a variety of social networking opportunities including a group of niche-targeted mobile-optimized sites.”

LinkedIn Guerilla Social Networking

Each social networking site has a specific purpose and can help you achieve your business goals. Although LinkedIn seems fairly limited in terms of functions, it can be used to enhance your Internet Marketing efforts if you approach it with the right mindset.

Initially set up for the business community to network, share contacts and recommend acquaintances for open job positions, it appears the site has been attempting to expand its scope.

Social Networking And Mobile Content

Social networking services will control a developing market for mobile user-generated content, according to a new report from Juniper Research, "Mobile User-Generated Content: Social Networking, Dating and Personal Content Delivery."

Facebook Success Doesn’t Equal LinkedIn Death
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I don’t know if it’s a human nature thing or a Western civilization thing, but it seems a lot of the time we focus on winners, damn the rest, and assume that when one supplants the other the other drones on eternally in obscurity rather than the two coexisting. We do this even though Coke and Pepsi, McDonald’s and Burger King, Wal-Mart and Target all coexist in free market bliss.

Google Seeks Edge In Voice Traffic Talks

As part of Google’s ongoing efforts to broaden its network, the company has been actively seeking strategic negotiators for submarine networks, and for IP transit services.

Social Networking Sports Website Launches
WSC Group, an incubator company started by two former TD Ameritrade employees, has launched CrowdPicks.com, a social networking sports website in beta.

Social Networking Soars Around The World

Global usage of social networking sites increased dramatically year over year as tens of millions of people visited MySpace, Facebook, and similar services.

Indianapolis Colts Tackle Social Networking

The Indianapolis Colts have launched a social networking site that will allow fans to create personal profile pages, share blogs, post photos, link to other fans and form groups.

Networking Online Inspiring Groups to Take it Offline

A growing trend in the online world and social media in general is the proliferation of social groups and networks that are taking their services and members offline. Businesses like Yelp, Biznik and many others are looking for ways to maintain their user base and gain new customers.

In some cases the company holds sanctioned events and group networking meetings, but members often take it upon themselves to set up networking events. This is slowly creating more tight knit communities that are great for meeting people for general purposes and for networking.

Facebook, Friendster Signal Changing Tide
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The world of social networking is changing, but don’t worry, it’s not permanent. It’s more of a tide than anything that reaches and recedes from all things. MySpace is changing, Facebook is catching, and Friendster is resurrected.

Digg Responds to Social Networking Challengers

I’ve always warned that starting a new search engine, no matter how unique the offering, is a risky proposition. Even if you do create something different, what’s to stop Google from rolling out the same functionality? If I can get it at Google, why go else where?

Things LinkedIn Can Learn From Digg

I came across an interesting article today on CNNMoney.com titled "LinkedIn Says It Will Own Business Networking".

Moms, Dads, And The Rules Of Social Networking
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In the hierarchy of social networks, Facebook ranks higher than MySpace, isn’t quite as adult as something like LinkedIn, and yet appears to be accessible from both sides.  This has created some interesting situations as parents embrace what used to be the domain of their children.

TLE Highlights: The Irony of Social Computing

As I have just mentioned, this is a follow up weblog post from the previous one I have shared regarding some of the highlights from IBM‘s 2007 Technical Leadership Exchange event held in Paris last week.

Top 15 Social Media Marketing Resources

At Social Media Systems we’ve been discussing how to build out a healthy blogroll, both to aid our visitors, provide valuable content, and to enhance our social media marketing campaigns.

Marketers will Increase Social Networking Spending
Direct Marketing News is reporting on an eMarketer report entitled “Social Network Marketing: Where to Next?"  With a second mortgage you may be able to read the report yourself, until then the eMarketer summary will have to suffice. 

Social Sites & Age Verification

There’s a constant drumbeat of pressure on social networking sites like MySpace to implement measures to reduce the possibility of children being targeted by those who might do them harm. Recently, news broke that thousands of registered sex offenders apparently had MySpace profiles.

Job Wars: Networks Versus Boards
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The future of finding employment via the Internet will make ‘who you know’ very important, but getting a start will be a function of ‘what you know’ and what positions you can find to get in the door.

Social Networking Up, TV Watching Down
A new study from Marketing Evolution (commissioned by MySpace, Isobar & Carat) suggests social networking users between 14 and 40 years old are increasing their internet, email and instant messaging usage, while decreasing the amount of time they spend watching TV and playing video games.

Networking: Never Eat Alone

How good are you at meeting people and forging deep meaningful relationships with them? At a networking function do you end up with a handful of business cards from people you don’t remember meeting, or one or two new friends that you’re excited to have?

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