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Facebook Out to Get LinkedIn

Facebook is all over the news today. I know, I know, just another day at the office.

Social Networking & UGC in Today’s Media Environment

From the Playboy perspective with Christie Hefner – that true brands represent attitude and a point of view, that can be moved from one product to another. It can play in different spaces.

Platform Possibilities: Bebo, Not MySpace

More platform rumors are flying this week. After the success of Facebook’s platform, it seems like everyone and their social network is scrambling to get their own version out. We’ve already seen rumors about Google’s and MySpace’s intentions. Today, the MySpace rumors are called into question and Bebo rumors start.

Inc. Mag Gets Into Social Networking Space
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Inc. magazine has launched a social network focused on CEOs of private companies that are on the new Inc. 5000 list. The site is in beta and if your company is not on the list you can request to be asked.

EBay Creates Social Networking Neighborhoods

EBay has entered the crowded social networking space with an ecommerce twist it calls eBay Neighborhoods. These neighborhoods enable people to connect with others who share their passions for certain products or topics.

U.K. Tops Social Networking Use In Europe

According to comScore, the United Kingdom is the top in Europe, with 24.9 million unique visitors, which is 78 percent of the total U.K. online population belonging to social networks.

This is new data that comScore retrieved via its Segment Metrix H/M/L analytical tool which was released just last month. The total social networking community in Europe was 127.3 million unique visitors in August. This is an amazing 56 percent of the Europe’s Internet user base.

ROI and Social Computing

Over the last couple of days, I have been reading with great interest a number of the different blog posts that the last two articles I wrote on ROI and Social Computing have sparkled and, as I am going through them digesting some of the great points they bring together (Something I will blog about as well at a later time), I thought I would create an interim pos

Ballmer Still Doesn’t Get Social Networking

A few years ago I wrote to Microsoft’s leadership and asked them why they weren’t involved in the new Web 2.0 space. I got an answer back that was about 2,000 words long and included the words “business value” 13 times. Translation: Microsoft’s leadership thought that Web 2.0 and social software like Flickr didn’t have business value and was too much of a potential fad to invest in.

CBS Experiments With Video Content

CBS is apparently really working to find something that will stick. Two weeks ago they were talking about social networking and making their content more portable.

Now they’re working on “EyeLab,” a studio dedicated to turning glossy 30- to 60-minute shows into bite-sized web clips. Even more revolutionary, CBS is also planning to involve users in not only watching video clips but making and uploading their own mashups of CBS clips.

Collegiate Social Networking Goes to College.com

Since Facebook has virtually abandoned the college crowd and opened up its social network to the public, college students have been left out in the cold.

TV Networks and Online Networking

NBC isn’t the only one making moves online. ABC, CBS and MTV are also in the news today for their online strategies.

Trutap To Enter Mobile Networking Market

I remain wary of itty-bitty screens, but another social network designed for the mobile market is reportedly ready to emerge.  This one’s name is Trutap.

3 Social Networking Sites You May Not Know About
There’s a place for everyone on the Internet. Meeting other people just like you has never been easier and so ridiculously difficult at the same time. There are so many social networking websites that I feel like I’m standing in a corn field.

Three More

These sites are all attractive and ready for you to check them out.

Build Your Social Media Site With Open Source Scripts
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Occationally I talk to progressive companies that have taken the leap into social media and have implemented full social communities with lots of features that enable users to interact on the site, but when I look at their site I discover a propriatry custom scripted website.

In most cases this is a GIANT Mistake.

Bluepulse Taps Mobile Social Networking Market

Ben Keighran moved from Australia to Silicon Valley to position his company, Bluepulse, for big gains among the youthful crowd here that’s likely to embrace the service.

Enterprise Social Networking Blasts Off

The industry analyst firm IDC is has released a new report that indicates that the enterprise social networking market is ready for ignition and liftoff.

Big Growth for Social Networking App Market

In 2006 the social networking application market was relatively small, reaching $46.8 million, according to a new study by IDC.

Food Site Adds Social Networking Features

Online food site Epicurious.com has relaunched its site with a new design that focuses on personalization.

Unions Call for Workplace Facebook Guidelines

The TUC, the organization representing trade unions in the UK, adds its voice to the big debate on what to do about Facebook and employee use.

In a practical approach to an issue that some companies see as a problem that can be solved only by banning it from the workplace, the TUC says that’s not the best approach:

Mobile Social Networking Still Has Bluepulse

Mobile social networking is practically nonexistent in day-to-day life.  This means (a) it’s a dead end or (b) there’s a lot of room for expansion.  As it gives Bluepulse $6 million in funding, VantagePoint Venture Partners appears to be betting on (b).

Plaxo’s Naked Social Networking

Yes it’s true. Contact management service Plaxo wants to strip down and reveal all for its new Pulse social networking aggregator.

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