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Perl, Sockets and TCP/IP Networking

An oversimplified introduction to sockets
Sockets are a mechanism that allows programs to communicate, either on the same machine or across a network. The way it works is pretty simple: Each machine on a network is identified by some address. In this tutorial we will talk about tcp/ip networking, so by network address we mean an IP address. (like Apart from the IP address that specifies a machine, each machine has a number of ports that allow handling multiple connections simultaneously.

VPN’s and Other Remote Access

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. The concept is that you are using public or other shared lines (generally the Internet) to connect machines, but that all packets are encrypted (so your connections are “private”).

Online Networking Through Reciprocal Links

What is Networking?

Networking can make you rich with wealth, referrals and sales. And much more, it can bring adventures, challenges, friends, relationships, and passion. Exchanging reciprocal links is the Online version of networking. Here’s seven reasons for exchanging links.

Networking: A Team Sport

A couple of years ago, I was scheduled to attend one of my Business Referral Exchange breakfast meetings in a location about 45 minutes away from my home. I’m so used to getting up early to attend breakfast meetings, that I’m rather like a fireman ready to slide down the pole and jump on the truck. My clothes are laid out the night before. The alarm is set for 5:00 AM. The coffee pot is set up and only needs to be plugged in. I’ve got just the right amount of time for one cup of coffee and a quick read of the morning’s paper before I head out. I’ve done it hundreds of times. It’s always been the same…until one particular day.

Networking: Your Way to Build Business Relationships – Part 2

Guidelines for Business Cards and Preparing Your Small Talk

In the first installment of this 3-part article, we discussed networking events and how to ‘work’ a room.

Windows XP and Networking Your LAN, Part Two

In our first article on networking and Windows XP we discussed using Microsoft’s Network Setup Wizard to automatically set up your networked LAN within the constraints imposed upon you by Microsoft.

How To Make the Right Friends through Networking

1. Do A Personal Network Inventory. Sixty-eight percent of you are going to find your next job through networking. Fifteen percent of you will use a search firm. Nine percent of you are going to find your future job through newspaper ads while eight percent will be through direct mailing.

Networking for a Job: How to Find the 80% of Management Jobs that are Never Advertised.

Most management jobs, as many as 80%, are never advertised. They are available through a process of personal networking. This consists of contacting everyone you have ever known, have ever met or have ever heard of, and using the networking multiplier.

Catch More Clients Using Strategic Networking

Is networking helping you bring in the new clients you want? If you are like most independent professionals and small business owners, you put hard work into getting your name out there and distribute your business card wherever you go. You may even attend a weekly or monthly networking group or occasional business conference where people share leads. And like most people, your time and effort isn’t generating a steady stream of new business.

Networking Your Marketing Strategies

A network is a group of points or locations interlinked with specific paths. A network can be computers, people, web sites, or anything that is linked together to form a group.

Windows XP and Networking Your LAN, Part One

One of Microsoft’s goals with Windows XP was to improve your experience when networking personal computers together by automating the task with the Network Setup Wizard. (Start>Control Panel>Network Connections>Network Setup Wizard>follow the menu prompts)

Top 10 Tips for Starting a Successful Networking Business

1. Set Your Business Hours. Decide what hours you are going to work your business, and commit to setting aside that time to focus on activities that will help your business grow. Emailing and surfing the `net don’t count! You can expect distractions of all kinds, so decide in advance how you will let others know that this is YOUR time: Non-negotiable!

Target Networking

Time is precious and you can’t get it back, so it needs to be used wisely. For those of you who have limited time or don’t have much of a desire to network, but you know you have to, try Target Networking. As you target your work market for clients, you can target or focus your networking market using the same skills.

CCNA Offers New Exams for Those Entering Networking Field

ORLANDO, Florida, June 24, 2003 – Cisco Systems, Inc. announced today three enhancements to the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Program at Networkers 2003 in Orlando, Florida. As the entry-level certification of the Cisco Career Certifications Program, CCNA represents a strong foundation and understanding of IP networking and troubleshooting. The enhancements are based on customer feedback, the need for an accessible entry path into the certifications and upgrades to the exam for addressing emerging networking technologies.

The Top Ten Rules of Effective Networking

Many of us are discouraged by the networking events that we go to. We feel swamped by people just looking to get money from us, and we rarely feel as though the event was worth our time.
Yet networking should be one of the best ways to bring in new business. The key is learning to network correctly.

Networking is Like Playing the Piano

For anyone who has ever read articles I have written or asked me for helpful tips for getting their business up and going, you know that I truly believe that networking is one of the most important aspects to building a successful business. The spoken word has an awesome power for any entrepreneur.

Make the Most of Each Networking Opportunity

Networking is one of the best forms of spreading the word about your business. From mentioning your company to neighbours to attending large networking functions, the opportunities to talk to others are virtually everywhere.

Disabling Networking User ID When Booting


I have windows I want to get rid of the annoying request for Microsoft networking
userid and/or password when booting.

Can you help?
Regards, Ric.

Carey Holzman Answers MS Windows and PC Hardware Questions
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Does your Windows PC have issues? Having trouble getting your Windows 98 computers to talk to each other? That new video card driving disagreeing with your system? Carey Holzman can help!

Networking For Success

We’ve all heard that networking should be an integral part of our total marketing plan but what is networking? And is it the same for off-line marketing as it is for on-line marketing?

Cisco registers over 70% growth in networking certifications

Networking company Cisco Systems today said it registered over 70 per cent growth in 2002 in its networking certifications in the country.