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NASA and Google Evangelist Use Interplanetary Internet to Test Robot

NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have successfully controlled an educational rover from the International Space Station (ISS) using the “interplanetary internet.” In late October, ISS Expedition 33 commander Sunita Williams used a laptop on the space station to remotely drive a LEGO robot (not the one pictured above) at the European Space Operations Centre in Germany. The experiment …

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LinkedIn Announces the New LinkedIn Profile

At a rare announcement event today, LinkedIn announced the “new” LinkedIn, which includes an updated profile page. “[It’s] one of the biggest changes to a pillar product in LinkedIn’s history,” said Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO. Weiner introduced today’s event, which was a rare Apple-style live announcement for LinkedIn. After Deep Nishar, senior VP of products at LinkedIn, highlighted how quickly …

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LinkedIn Adds Skill and Expertise Endorsements

LinkedIn today announced a new feature called Endorsements. The feature will allow LinkedIn members to endorse each others’ skills and expertise. Over on the LinkedIn Blog, LinkedIn Product Manager David Breger explained how the new feature will work. Users will be able to see their connections’ recommended endorsements at the top of their profile and confirm that the person actually …

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If You’re Trying to Meet Real Goals, New Tool Goalee Could Help

With so many new social services rising up, it’s hard to keep them all straight, let alone, take the time to try each of them out. However, one new social service takes a little different approach by aggregating data from existing social networks and utilizing it in a way that helps individuals meet real goals. The tool is called Goalee …

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Not on LinkedIn? Here’s How to Start. [Infographic]

It may sound trite, but if you want to be hired in 2012, you are going to need a LinkedIn profile. The website tops all other social networks when it comes to finding jobs, and adoption of the site is still growing. The site itself has made some recent improvements, releasing a well-designed iPad app and purchasing online slide presentation …

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The Social Job Search [Infographic]

The job market may be getting better as we enter into 2012, but finding a position that meets your employment requirements and suits your skill-set is harder than ever. In fact, one of the most difficult challenges employers face is finding qualified candidates to fill their open position. This next infographic from OnlineDegrees.Com addresses the issue of being seen in …

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Social Networking Shortcuts Finding Medical Experts

It can be difficult for someone outside of a specialist field to identify subject experts and the ever increasing amount of available data can be bewildering. New research, published in BioMed Central’s open access journal, Journal of Biomedical Semantics, describes a method of social network analysis, similar to finding friends on Facebook, able to sift through scientific literature and news …

Read More Grows to Two Million in Six Months

Startup is meeting with remarkable success in its mere six months of existence. The Facebook-based data analytics company has doubled in size nearly every month since its September 2011 launch. The company owes its success primarily to users from the younger generations. According to, current Identified users average just 23.5 years-old, with 90 percent under 35 and nearly …

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Meeteor Helps SXSW Goers Network

With an estimated 48,000 people registered to attend South by Southwest (SXSW), networking with the right people would be a daunting task. Startup Meeteor is helping make SXSW smaller and more network friendly. Meeteor is a networking service that uses Facebook to help users get introductions with professionals to help their career, discover new work connections, and create an employer …

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After Five Years a Couple Finds Dream Baby by Networking on Facebook

Seth Edlavitch and Melissa Segal decided to explore less conventional methods in their desire to become parents after a devastating miscarriage. After five years of trying to bring new life into the world, the couple decided to post the following message on Facebook: “Loving, professional couple looking to adopt a newborn in the U.S. Melissa has been a fourth-grade teacher …

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Interview: How New Startup Nicira Could Change the Future of Networking

Cloud computing is a topic that we’ve heard more and more about in recent years. The concept is truly incredible and has given businesses much more flexibility as well as a means for saving money.

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Why Is LinkedIn Underutilized?

Is LinkedIn one of the first sites that you visit each day? If you’re like me, it’s not. (That is, up until this report! ☺) The reason for this is not because LinkedIn isn’t valuable. Instead, it’s just hard to make time for it, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all the other sites that demand so much time.

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Japan’s Earthquake Shows The Strength of Social Networking

In the US, we can only imagine the devastation which occurred in Japan, and continues to occur as reports roll in concerning higher death tolls and more people missing. One of the scariest factors many don’t consider when an event like this occurs is how the avenues of communication shut down. Telephone lines are reported to be down for most …

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Netgear Talks Ramifications of Transition to IPv6

It was recently revealed that the pool for IPv4 addresses had been depleted, meaning that the protocol for the Internet as we know it has been used up, and the transition to the next-generation IPv6 is beginning. 

Drew Meyer, Senior Director of Marketing for Networking product vendor Netgear shared some thoughts on the transition with WebProNews. 

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Check Out These LinkedIn Groups If You’re in PR

If you work in PR, chances are you have one of three needs:

* A need to build or grow your network.

* A need to acquire new skills or hone existing ones.

* A need to find a new job.

While you could argue many social networks meet these three needs adequately, I might argue that LinkedIn has the biggest potential to meet these needs best when it comes to professional skill-building, networking and job-seeking.

But, are folks capitalizing on that opportunity within LinkedIn now? Not so much.

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Unplugging From Social Media and Getting Social (And Original)

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